Mystic Songs of Tagore

Mystic Songs of Tagore

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Author: Utpal K Banerjee
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 2012
Language: multilingual
Pages: 220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7017-531-3


This is a collection of one hundred lyrics of Tagore - freely translated in full rhyme and keeping intact the Poet’s original metrical pattern as far as possible - from his songs’ omnibus Geeta Bitan, trilingual in Bengali, Hindi and English scripts. The lyrics are intensely touched by mysticism and devotion. God here is omnipresent and omnipotent by the Poet’s conviction, yet omniscient only in his wonderment.

There are seldom prayers for succor and lucre, but sharing of luminous thoughts on existential weal and woe, solace and peace, with little allusion to physical qualities of created beings.

In the initial stage, the lord is viewed as the ‘king of kings’, but later on, God is perceived as intimate and keen to come to His devotee. At the end of life, the divinity is awaited as the formless and as infinitely companionable, providing freedom and limitless bliss.


Mystic Songs of Tagore

1. Kaanaa hassir doldolaano (In swings offery and joy) 1916
2. Surer guru, daao go surer deekshhaa (Master of melodies, in tunes)1930
3. Tomaar surer dhaaraajhare (Where your tunes’ stream) 1922
4. Tuzn keman kare gaan (I marvel: how you sing) 1909
5. Aami tomaay Jata (Whatever were the songs) 1918
6. Tumi Je surer aagun laagiye due (You’ve lit up my mind) 1914
7. As-up tomaar baanee (0 formless, your speech) 1926
8. Aamaar belaa Je hay (My day passes) 1919
9. JeebanamaraNer seemaana chhaarhaaye (Life and death’s beyond) 1918
10. Tomaari jharNaatalaar ni’rjane (In the solitude of your spring) 1918
11. Daa’nrhiye aachha tumi aamaar (You do stand aloof) 1914
12. Gaaner surer aasankhaani (1 spread seat of song’s melody) 1916
13. Kanthe nilem gaan (I’ve picked song in throat) 1924
14. Kabe aami baahir halern (When did I saunter out) 1910
15. Tomaay aamaay milan have bale (For you and Ito get united) 1913
16. Shudhu tomaar baaNee nay go (It’s not only your word) 1914
17. Tomaar sur sbunaaye (My sleep that your tune) 1927
18. Tomaay natun kate paaba bale (To get you as ever-now) 1915
19. Aaamaar hiyaar maajhe lukiyechhile (You lay hidden in my soul) 1914
20. Kena chokherjale bhijiye dilem naa (Why didn’t I let my tears) 1914
21. Aamaare tame asheshh karechha (You’ve made me unending) 1912
22. Aamaar naa-balaa baaneer (Among my unspoken words) 1912
23. Bhe’Mge mor gharer chaabi (Breaking my house-key) 1918
24. Aamaar sakal raser dhaaraa (My whole essence’s flow) 1914
25. Seemaar maajhe aseem tumi (Within limits, O infinite one) 1910
26. Prabhu aamaar, priya aamaar (O my lord, O beloved) 1910
27. Dhaay Jena mor sakal bhaalobaasaa (Let all my relentless love) 1910
28. Jeebhan Jakhan shukaaye Jaay (When life does get perched up) 1910
29. Jadi e aajnaar hriday duyaar (If evennore my heart’s door) 1901
30. Charan dharite diyo go aamaare (Don’t take away your feet) 1914
31. Praan bhariye trishhaa hariye (With soul, filling with thrust) 1922
32. Antarmama bikashita karo (O dearest one, allow blossoming) 1907
33. Aamaar bichhar tumi karo (To carry out my judgement) 1902
34. Andhajane deha aalo (Illuminate the blind one) 1886
35. Bhay hate taba abhay maajhe (From fear to the fearless) 1900
36. Banshha dharaa-maajhe shaantir baari (Shower on the world) 1884
37. Aamaar milan laagi tumi (To have union with me) 1909
38. Bishba Jakhan mdramagan (‘When the world s fast asleep) 1910
39. Aajjyotsnaaraate sabaai gechhe (Today in moon-lit night) 1914
40. Klaanti aamaay kshhmaa karo (My weariness, please forgive) 1914
41. Agnibeenaa bajaao tumi (Fiery veena, do you keep) 1914
42. Tumi naba naba rupe esopraane (You in ever-new garbs) 1894
43. Aamaar Jaa aachhe aami (Whatever I’ve, I haven’t been) 1887
44. Jarhaaye aachhe baadhaa (Hindrances are strong) 1910
45. Bishbajorhaa phaa’nd petechha (You’ve laid snares over) 1914
46. Aami maarer saagar paarhi deba (I’ll cross over spirit’s ocean) 1922
47. Aamaar sakal dukher pradeep (My lamp of all the sorrows) 1918
48. Aaji bijan ghare nisheeth raate (Today in dark night) 1918
49. Hriday aamaar prakaash hala (My heart manifests itself) 1914
50. Aaguner parashmani chho’nyaao (Let philosopher’s stone on) 1914
51. Sukhe aamaay raakhbe kena (Why steep me in happiness) 1914
52. Je raate mor duyaarguli (That night when doors of mine) 1914
53. Ei karechha bhaalo (You have done so well) 1910
54. Bipade more rakshhaa karo (Don’t save in danger) 1906
55. Aachhe dukha, aachhe mrityu (Pain’s there, death’s there) 1903
56. Chokher aaloy dekhechhilem (I saw him outside my eye) 1915
57. Ebaar neerab km-c daao he (Now do make quiescent the voluble) 1910
58. Taai tomaar aananda aamaar (Hence yourjoy’s bestowed) 1910
59. Jeebane Jata poojaa hala nan (Those worships in life) 1910
60. Jagate aanandaja’nge aamaar (On earth, in oblation of mirth) 1909
61. Mthaabishbe mahaakaashe (In whole cosmos, in outer space) 1896
62. Aamaar mukti aaloy aaloy (My freedom permeates in light) 1926
63. Aami Jakhan taar duyaare (When I move to his gate) 1918
64. Bhubanjorhaa aasankhaani (Your throne o’er world does lay) 1916
65. Bishbasaathe Joge Jethaay (When united with world) 1910
66. Bhe’mechha duyaar esechha (Breaking doors, you’ve come) 1914
67. Oi shuni Jena charana dhbani (I hear, perhaps, your footsteps) 1929
68. Aar nahe, aar nahe (No more, no more) 1911
69. Charandhbani shuni taba naath (I hear your footseps) 1907
70. Anek diyechha naath (You’ve given a lot) 1887
71. Chirasakhaa, chherhonaa more (My abiding friend, please don’t) 1899
72. More baare baare phiraale (Me, you’ve turned back) 1906
73. Aanandaloke nia’mglaaloke (At pleasurable site) 1893
74. Aamaar Je sab dite habe (I’ve to give up) 1914
75. Dayaa diye habe go (With piety I’ll have to rinse) 1910
76. E manihaar aamaay naahi (Bejewlled the garland) 1913
77. Jethaay thaake sabaar adham (Where live the lowliest) 1910
78. Oi aasantaler maatir pare (On earth under throne of yours) 1909
79. Aamar maathaa nata kare (Please bring my head down) 1906
80. Aaji pranami tomaay (Today saluting you) 1900
81. Ri labhinu sa’Mga tabe (There I’ve gained your company) 1914
82. Jadi prem dile naa praane (If you didn’t give love) 1913
83. Mahaaraaj, eki saaje etc (My monarch, in what dress) 1903
84. Li Je tomaar prem (This is your love) 1909
85. Aami kaau pete rai (I pay my heed to my) 1922
86. Aamaar praaner maanushh (My soulmate’s in my soul) 1910
87. Tomaar kholaa haaoyaa (Your open wind) 1914
88. Anmi iakhan chhilem andha (When I was purblind) 1932
89. Kon aaote praner pradeep(In which light the soul-lamp) 1910
90. Ashrunadeer sudoor paare (In tear-stream’s furthest part) 1918
91. Pathe chale Jew Jete (While moving on roads) 1928
92. Aamaar bhaa’maa pather (In my shredded way’s) 1914
93. Ekhan aamaar samay hala (It’s my time now) 1923
94. Jaa peyechhi pratham dine (Whatever I got on first day) 1926
95. Megh balechhe ‘Jaaba Jaaba’ (Cloud says “I must go now”) 1914
96. Tomaara aseeme praanmana Iaye (In your vast world) 1901
97. Diner belay baa’nshi tomaar (In daytime on your flute) 1926
98. Macthur totnaar sheshh Je (O sweet one, day is done) 1926
99. Rupsaagare Dub diyechhi (I’ve plunged in sea of grace) 1909
100. Kena re ei duyaartuku (Why to cross this puny door) 1918
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