The Drops of Nectar  -  (Amrta - Bindu)

The Drops of Nectar - (Amrta - Bindu)

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Author: Swami Ramsukhdas
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): R K Dhawan
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 127
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129300928


While the rhythm and resonance of the expression of Param Shraddheya Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj, is pleasing to the head and heart, it is difficult to translate the perfection of the Amrta-Bindu maxims, Compiled by Shri R.K. Dhawan, and Communicate the same in precise English. However, a faithful effort has been made to capture the spiritual essence of the original Hindi selections.

The result is presented in the hope that this book would be acceptable to the readers and it gives them as much pleasure and satisfaction, as it has given me to absorb and translate. Should the reader, however, notice any inadequacies or shortcomings, the fault lies entirely, with me and would be considered on reprinting.


1. Eternal Pleasure
2. Pride
3. Ego (I-ness)
4. Objective (Goal)
5. Progress
6. Solitude
7. Duty
8. Benediction (Kalyana)
9. Desire (Kamana)
10. Master and Disciple
11. Anxiety
12. Warning
13. Tattva-Jnana (God-Realization)
14. Renunciation
15. Blemish
16. Faulty View
17. Wealth
18. Nana-Japa (Chanting Divine Name)
19. Sin and Piety
20. Path to God
21. Destiny (Prarabdha)
22. Love
23. Greatness
24. Bondage and Salvation
25. Giving up Evils
26. Devotee
27. God
28. God’s Grace
29. Attaining God
30. Turing Away from God
31. Relation with God (Ownness)
32. Mind
33. Man
34. The Feeling of Mine
35. Death and Immortality
36. Union and Pleasure (Yoga & Bhoga)
37. Attachment and Hatred
38. Give and Take
39. Surrender (Refuge)
40. Saints and Great Souls
41. The World
42. Good and Bad Qualities
43. Good and Bad Company
44. Time
45. Aspirant
46. Devotion
47. Enjoyment of Pleasure and Hoarding
48. Please and Pain
49. Service to Others (Welfare of Others)
50. Nature
51. Self
52. Miscellaneous