Krishna       (Gujarati)

Krishna (Gujarati)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Upnishad Trust
Year: 2012
Language: Gujarati
Pages: 441
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190416511


What are the distinguishing virtues of Krishna that make him relevant to our time? What is his significance for us?

Krishna is utterly incomparable, he is so unique.

Firstly, his uniqueness lies in the fact that although Krishna happened in the ancient past he belongs to the future, is really of the future. Man has yet to grow to that height where he can be a contemporary of Krishna's.

He is still beyond man's understanding; he continues to puzzle and baffle us. Only in some future time will we be able to understand him and appreciate his virtues. And there are good reasons for it.

The most important reason is that Krishna is the sole great man in our whole history who reached the absolute height and depth of religion, and yet he is not at all serious and sad, not in tears.

By and large, the chief characteristic of a religious person has been that he is somber, serious and sad-looking – like one vanquished in the battle of life, like a renegade from life. In the long line of such sages it is Krishna alone who comes dancing, singing and laughing...
– Osho


1. The Future Belongs to Krishna
2. Krishna is complete and whole
3. Where Buddha Ends Krishna Begins
4. Religion Has No History, It Is Eternal
5. Follow No One but Yourself
6. Nudity and Clothing Should Go Together
7. Make Work a Celebration
8. He Alone Wins Who Does Not Want to Win
9. The Cosmos Is a Dance of Opposites
10. Spiritualism, Religion and Politics
11. Draupadi: A Rare Woman
12. Discipline, Devotion and Krishna
13. Krishna Goes to the West
14. Action, Inaction and Non-Action
15. Life After Death and Rebirth
16. Atheism, Theism and Reality
17. Don't Imitate, Just Be Yourself
18. Non-Attachment Is Not Aversion
19. Rituals, Fire and Knowledge
20. Base Your Rule on the Rule
21. Choose the Flute or Perish
22. Sannyas Is of the Highest