Atmiyata       (Gujarati)

Atmiyata (Gujarati)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Upnishad Trust
Year: 2007
Language: Gujarati
Pages: 132
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190416566


Hit-and-run" relationships have become common in our society as it has grown more rootless, less tied to traditional family structures, and more accepting of casual sex. But at the same time, there arises an undercurrent of feeling that something is missing-a quality of intimacy.

This quality has very little to do with the physical, though sex is certainly one possible door. Far more important is a willingness to expose our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities, with the trust that the other person will treat them with care. Ultimately, the willingness to take the risk of intimacy has to be grounded in an inner strength that knows that even if the other remains closed, even if that trust is betrayed, we will not suffer any permanent damage.

In this gentle and compassionate guide, Osho takes his readers step-by-step through what makes people afraid of intimacy, how to encounter those fears and go beyond them, and what they can do to nourish themselves and their relationships to support more openness and trust.


First Things First – The ABC of Intimacy

1. Start Where You Are
2. Be Authentic
3. Listen to Yourself
4. Trust Yourself

Intimacy with Others – The Next Steps

5. Be Seen
6. The Need for Privacy
7. Relating, Not Relationship
8. Take the Risk to Be True
9. Learn the Language of Silence

Four Pitfalls

10. The Habit of Reaction
11. Stuck on Security
12. Shadowboxing
13. False Values

Tools for Transformation

14. Accept Yourself
15. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable
16. Be Selfish
17. A Meditation Technique

On the Way to Intimacy – Responses to Questions

18. Why do I find attractive people frightening?
19. Why do I feel self-conscious?
20. How can I stay myself?
21. What is it to give and what is it to receive?
22. What is the real answer to living in intimacy?

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