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Author: Swami Atmaramnanda
Dr Sivaramkrishna/
Publisher: Advaita Ashram
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 624
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175051892


This anthology contains some of the outstanding articles published during the last one hundred years in Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India, one of the English monthlies of the Ramakrishna Order.

Hen Prabuddha Bharata was started in 1896, under the guidance of Swami Vivekananda, it was an immediate success. This is understandable, as Swamiji had great ability to enkindle the minds of those who worked under him. But that the journal, even after the death of its leader a few years later, continued to thrive and has recently celebrated its first century, speaks volumes for Swamiji's enduring inspiration.

Throughout this past century, Prabuddha Bharata has gathered many treasures within its covers. On those pages some of the brightest minds of the century struggled with the problems of the world and placed before humanity their insights and solutions. For the readers who do not have ready access to all the volumes of Prabhuddha Bharata, this anthology has been compiled of a few of the priceless gems contained in those pages.