Sri Maharshi’s Way  -  Upadesa Saram  -  A Translation and Commentary

Sri Maharshi’s Way - Upadesa Saram - A Translation and Commentary

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Author: D M Sastri
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 1989
Language: English
Pages: 58
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188018937


One of the foremost devotees of Sri Bhagavan and a Great Tamil poet, Sri Muruganar, while writing his epic Tiruvundiyar, came to the point where Lord Siva, after vanquishing the rishis of the Daruka forest and Accepting their Surrender taught the rishis the central core of Vedanta.

He did not proceed further. He besought Sri Bhagavan who was Siva incarnate, to compose in verse from the teaching Lord Siva gave the Rishsis.

Sri Bhagavan then composed in twenty-nine verses the Upadesa Undiyar in Tamil. The Thirtieth verse was composed by Sri Muruganar. Sri Bhagavan later translated this poem into Sanskrit as Upadesa Saram and Also into Telugu and Malayalam.

This Poem details the various methods of Spiritual practices that are available to the Seeker and explains their relative merits. The Maharshi emphasizes that Self-Century encompasses action devotion and knowledge and leads the seeker surely directly to Self-realization. This is the Maharshi’s way.

The Sanskrit poem in the lilting Suprathishta metre is chanted before dusk at the Samadhi Shrine of Sri Bhagavan along with the Vedas.



1. Sri Maharshi’s Way
2. The Ultimate Question
3. Upadesa Saram with Commentary