Great Urdu Ghazals (Urdu+English)  A Unique Compilation of the Best of Three centuries of Urdu Ghaza

Great Urdu Ghazals (Urdu+English) A Unique Compilation of the Best of Three centuries of Urdu Ghaza

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Author: Kuldip Salil
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Late Shri Prakash Pandit
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Year: 2011
Language: Urdu
Pages: 247
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788121612579


From Mir to Ghalib to Kaifi Azmi and Kuldip Salil, This unique compilation brings us the best of three centuries of poets and their ghazals along with Their English Translations.

This unparalleled collection also bring us the ghazals in Devanagari and roman scripts in order to get us closer to the ghazals and their rhythmic nuances. Originating in the 6th century, the form and subject of ghazals is deeply intriguing, whether in the from of divine love, or in the form of earthly love. The love, longing and of a ghazals have never failed to stir our souls.

This priceless selection of Urdu ghazals was compiled and translated into Hindi by the Late Praksh Pandit. Kuldip Salil selected 54 poets from the immense treasure of Urdu poetry and translated their gems into English.


Even the Wind changed its course and the destination because easy to reach and a hundred candles were lit up as we held our hand each to each

Mujhe Sahal ho Gayi Manzilien Woh Hawa Ke Rukh Bhi Badal Gaye
Tera Haath Haath Mein aa Gaya Ki Chirag Raah Mein Jal Gaye.



1. Saiyad Insha Allah Khan ‘Insha’ – All our Friends have fastened their Belts
2. Mirza Mohammad Rafi ‘Sauda’ – Like the tear that falls on the ground
3. Khawaja Mir ‘Dard’ – Only Some allegations have I earned against my Name
4. Mir Mohammad Taqi ‘Mir’ – All our efforts went unavailing
5. ‘Nazeer; Akbarabadi – We had come from Afar
6. Sheikh Imam Bakhsh ‘Naasikh’ – I am leaving the Mosque, O Preacher
7. Mohammad Ibrahim ‘Zauq’ – Life brought us Hither
8. Bahadur Shah Zafar – Neither am I a Source of Light to any eye
9. Mirza Ghalib
i. She is So Dismissive
ii. It is Heart after All

10. Hakim Homin Khan ‘Momin’ – There was an Agreement Between you and Me
11. ‘Amir’ Minai – Is this the way to look after your Afflicted ones
12. ‘Daag’ Dehlvi – Out of Consideration or As a Concession
13. Khawaja Altaf Hussain ‘Haali’ – My endeavour is for Something Better than the Best
14. ‘Akbar’ Allahabaadi – For a soul-mate, I couldn’t find even One
15. ‘Riyaz’ Khairabaadi – Those Who Lost Their Heart Here
16. ‘Bekhud’ Dehlvi – There was only a Candle on the Tomb
17. ‘Saail’ Dehlvi – You Meet My Enemy and are Annoyed with Me
18. ‘Saakib’ Lukhnavi – On the Night of Parting
19. ‘Jaleel’ Manikpuri – I will not be able to say ‘no’ to the Saqi
20. Mohammad Iqbal
i. Let Your Shining Hair Still Brighter Shine
ii. There are Worlds beyond the stars too

21. ‘Hasrat’ Mohaani – I Try hard to forget her
22. ‘Faani’ Badayuni – A Puzzle never understood
23. ‘Yaas’ Or ‘Yagaana’ Changezi – O Yaas I don’t understand
24. ‘Jigar’ Muradabaadi – Making My Way into Somebody’s Heart
25. ‘Firaq’ Gorakhpuri – Speak of those imperious Eyes
26. Ghulam Mustafa ‘Tabbassum’ – The Caravans which have from your Pathways Passed
27. Harichand ‘Akhtar’ – As I Step into My Youth
28. ‘Makhmoor’ Dehlvi – Nobody Can My Destination Know
29. ‘Andleeb’ Shadani – You Delayed your Arrival
30. Chirag Hasan ‘Hasrat’ – O God, You should have done at Least this Much
31. Saiyad Aabid Ali ‘Aabid’ – What is the use of Asking the Moon and the Stars
32. Abdul Hameed ‘Adam’ – The People who were Purposely not Seeing
33. ‘Ravish’ Siddiqui – We have left the Tavern
34. Moeen Ahasan ‘Jazbi’ – Why Should I wish to live
35. Mohammad Sanaulla Daar Saani ‘Meeraji’ – There’s no Point in Dwelling no What I Left
36. Faiz Ahmed ‘Faiz’ –
i. In Your love Having Both The Worlds Lost
ii. So that the Flowers Flush with Colour

37. Majeed Ahmad ‘Amajad’ – How shall I Complete this Journey
38. Ghulam Rabbani ‘Taaban’ – Today When Somebody by the Way Mentioned your Name
39. ‘Qateel’ Shifai – From Your Assembly where Would They Go
40. ‘Shakeel’ Badayuni – Let Not the the Sorrow of Love the Common Street Hit
41. ‘Majrooh’ Sultanpuri – Even the wind Changed its Course
42. ‘Naasir’ Kazmi – Never A Kind Glance from The Bud I Have Had
43. ‘Ibne-Insha’ – Those Struck with Pain of Separation
44. ‘Hafeez’ Jallandhari – There was nothing Special in Me
45. Majaz Lucknawi – Whenever In find her Attention Wandering
46. Kaifi Azmi – Remove Bramble and Dry Grass
47. ‘Nushoor’ Wahidi – How can I Label her Unfaithful
48. Ahmed Faraz – Like withered Flowers in the Books
49. Parveen Shakir – As it rained, the flowers had holes in their bodies Made
50. Shahryar – Has Nothing Whatever Happened in Your City
51. Naseem Nikhat – For the Sake of A Wilderness
52. Mairaj Faizabadi – They are Putting a Price on the Old Mother’s Affection
53. Kuldip Salil – With all our Wares, we are sitting in the Market Place