In The Company of A Great Man

In The Company of A Great Man

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Author: Nityapriya Ghosh
Publisher: Sahitya Samsad
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788179551349


The Indian embassies and consular offices were instructed by the government of India to contact eminent personalities who had known Rabindranath Tagore personally and get their interviews, in connection with the birth centenary of the Poet.

On the basis of the interviews, Satyajit Ray made in 1961 a 55-minute radio biography of Tagore. Ray had to select from the very many interviews because of the Language problem – the radio biography was in English. This book begins with a resume of this biography.

It may be recalled that there were contributions from 25 countries, Apart from 64 persons from the Anglo-American bloc, in various languages for The Golden Book of Tagore, 1931, the genesis of which has been recounted in this book.

In Spite of extensive researches into the life and works of Tagore there are quite a few unresolved questions. For example, was Tagore really a school drop-out at the age of 13, as the frequently said? Why is it believed that it was Tagore who conferred the title of Mahatma on Gandhi? Did the Calcutta crowd behave barbarously in the funeral procession for Tagore?

The First part of this book touches on some of these questions. The second part relates to some curious literary anecdotes. All the articles were published in newspapers and magazines earlier.



1. In the Company of a Great Man
2. Scandalous Behaviour of a Calcutta Crowd
3. The Perilous Adventure
4. His Own English words
5. Tagore and English
6. Rabindranath : A School Drop-out?
7. From Mohan to Mahatma
8. Cupid's confusion
9. Merely Arabian Nights
10. Hindu-Muslim Dissension : Tagore's Prescription
11. Economic Scheme of Tagore
12. Was Tagore an Oppressive Zamindar?
13. Hearsay as a Tool of Biography
14. National Song Meant for the Unmusical
15. Modernity and Tagore
16. Copyright Controversy
17. Right to get Tagore Unshackled
18. The Great tagore Bazaar
19. A rare Book Reprinted
20. Russian View of Tagore
21. Witnesses to History
22. I Love you, Gurudev


23. When writers Meet
24. In Defence of Plagiarism
25. Royalties show the Man
26. Urge for Recognition
27. Banking : Notan Artist's Cup of Tea
28. What Is Pop?
29. What Was Postmodernism?
30. The Lost Generation
31. The game of Debunking
32. St Andrew & St Mark
33. Myths around Business
34. Can Literature be Taught?
35. Is SF Literature?
36. Third World Novel
37. From Books to Cinema
38. Apocryphal Questions
39. Newspaper Novel