Muslims and Media Images  -  News versus Views

Muslims and Media Images - News versus Views

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Author: Ather Farouqui
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 368
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780198069256


How does the media view Muslims, especially after 9/11? How far is the goal of pan-Islamism a part of popular Muslim consciousness? What are Indian Muslims doing to change distorted media images of themselves?

The volume raises such questions and investigates the world of Muslims by focusing on issues like media representation, identity politics, and their relationships with civil society. With contributions from a range of media persons, scholars, and activists, it addresses these concerns from a multitude of perspectives.

While examining Hindi, Urdu, and vernacular press, the essays also look into Hindi and regional language films from an analytical and gender-centric point of view. The essays further discuss the challenges and stereotypes the community is confronted with, particularly in the post 9/11 period.

They underline the reasons behind increasing militancy and aggression. The volume also explores the contradictions within Muslim society as well as the tensions between Muslims and other cultures and communities.


“[This book] discusses the impact of 9/11 on broadening Islamophobia…[and] examin[es] the problematic relationship between the Indian media and Indian Muslims….The 19 articles by a galaxy of intellectuals, academics, and journalists…[are] perceptive and analytical….A must-read for all those interested in a scholarly work on Indian Muslims.”
--- Outlook


List of Table
Introduction Ather Farouqui
I. English Media: Image and Depiction
1. Muslims and Media Images: Where Things Went Wrong Vinod Mehta
2. Muslims and the Press: Some Reflections Rajni Kothari
3. Muslims and the Indian Press Kuldip Nayar
4. Indian Press: The Vernacular and the Mainstream Babel Mrinal Pande
5. Contested Representations in Historical Perspective: Images of Islam and Australian Press, 1950-2000 Howard Brasted
6. The Print Media and Minority Images Chandan Mitra
7. Minority Images in the Indian Print Media Siddharth Varadarajan
II. Transcending Boundaries
8. Muslims and the World Forum K.M.A Munim
9. Of Fish and Beef, the New Recipe of the Muslim Identity: A Journey through the Cultural Prism of West Bengal Sabya Sachi
10. Issues of Goan Muslims as Seen in the Goan Press Charles J. Borges
11. The Ayodhya Controversy in the Czech Press of the 1990s Dagmar Markova
12. Indian Muslims and the Free Press Estelle Dryland
13. Islam and the West: Ominous Misunderstandings Susan B. Maitra
III. Muslim Journalism: A Phenomenal Dichotomy
14. Urdu Newspapers in India: Waiting for Citizen Kane? Robin Jeffrey
15. Urdu Press in India Ather Farouqui
16. Muslims and the Press Wahiduddin Khan
17. Is Urdu Journalism in India a Lost Battle? Arshad Amanullah
IV. Popular Images and the Story of Stereotypes
18. Bollywood Films with Special Reference to Urdu Politics and Muslims Moinuddin Jinabade
19. Indian Muslims and Indian Films: Some Observations of Contemporary Indian Art Cinema John W. Hood
Appendix I: Medium is the Image Vinod Mehta
Appendix II: Who's the Real Muslim? Ather Farouqui
Notes on Contributors