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Author: Mamta Nainy
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 32
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788189934705


Story, the primary focus of Katha, finds its beauty through the forms in which it is told. Some tell their stories through dance, some through music, some through theatre, some through mime, and some, like Guddu, through paintings. “Who is Guddu?” you ask. Why, Guddu is the one who told us the story of her homeland, near Mithila! Haven’t you heard it yet?

Drop in to the Katha Story shop, and join Guddu as she takes you on a tour through the heartland of Mithila. Painted with simple joys of life, stringing striking imagination, Guddu’s warmhearted and humorous narrative will make your lips curl to bring a smile.

“Bioscope”, Guddu’s story, found its words through the eloquence of Mamta Nainy and its art in the skills of Shanti Devi.

Read on to experiment with your own Madhubani art, but for maximum inspiration, we do recommend you browse through Guddu's narrative first!

The art was originally practiced by females only, serving as a creative expression tool for everyday lives and happenings. Following the belief that Gods visit each house in the morning, the art primarily donned the walls and doors, intending to please the Gods.

Painting is a ton of fun, and to try your hand at Madhubani painting, select a basic design (examples given below), sketch/trace it, and whip out your paintbrush to splash color onto a special something to call your own!

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

-Choose a simple and easy to make design.
-Try and add various colors to the painting.
-Make sure you trace the design well.

-Go for a theme based sketch.
-Be innovative with the creations; apart from paintings, try making Mithila artwork bookmarks, wall hangings, table mats etc.
-Pay special attention to the borders of the artwork as they are a significant part of the Madhubani.


The tale is told with the help of Madhubani paintings, named after the village Madhubani(Bihar), where it is practiced; these paintings find their origin in the Indian epic -Ramayana..”

"She introduces us to everyone who is part of her world - her mother, sister, pet squirrels, a snake and a koel."
--- Asian Age

"... Could also tempt you to pick up a paintbrush and try your hand at being creative!"
--- Asian Age