Ramana Maharshi’s Miracles   -  First Person Accounts

Ramana Maharshi’s Miracles - First Person Accounts

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Author: Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): A R Natarajan
Publisher: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 99
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185378479


The image which one has about Ramana Maharshi is that he is the ultimate in peace, in pervasive peace, which is deep and potent. Actually he is the repository of power as well. Nothing can stop the flow of that power, of that grace, when it comes to a spontaneous response to a prayer, to requests for boons and in his extending protection unsought. Because of his steady self-abidance the eight-fold powers came seeking Ramana. it is a total, all embracing power which is beyond one’s imagination.

No attempts has been made to enumerate all the miracles of Ramana Maharshi which happen every day. Since such an attempt would be futile for the list is long as the devotees are innumerable. Therefore the book covers only thirty first person authentic accounts of such miracles.


Introduction by A.R. Natarajan
Publishers Note

1. Physical Presence at two Places – Astral Travel by Narasimha Swami
2. Disappearance and Appearance by Raghavachariar
3. Feasting Cures Dyspepsia by Manavasi Ramaswami Aiyar
4. Ramana The Saviour – Ramanadasa Sadananda
5. Two Miracles – G. Ramaswami Pillai
6. Not one But Many – N.R. Rajagopalan
7. By the Death Bed – Smt. Rukmini Nilakanta Rao
8. HisGrace – A Nonentity
9. Miracles and More Miracles – A. Devaraja Mudaliar
10. Cure, Marriage and Vision – G.V. Subbaramayya
11. Grapefruit – S.S. Cohen
12. Muni’s Wish – Guntur Lakshmikantham
13. Constantly at Hand – Gowri Ammal
14. Sacred Ashes – Ramanlinga Swami
15. Was it a day with Bhagavan or a Life Time? – V.N. Srinivasa Rao
16. Can Prison Walls Matter? – Jean Clausse
17. At My Home in the Punjab and Sri Ramanasramam – Papaji
18. Sri Ramana Bhagavan, The Kailasapathi at Arunachala – Rudra Raj Pande
19. Doctor’s Doctor – Krishna Bhikshu
20. Bhagavan Fulfils a Promise – T.R.A. Narayana
21. An Attendant Reports – Swami Ramanapremananda
22. French Leave – Ramachandra Rao
23. The Leper and the Old Men – AN European Sadhak
24. Secret Help – K.R.K. Murthy
25. Where Did the Warts Disappear – Mrs. Steffi Grant
26. It Happened in Teheran – Zulie Nakhooda
27. What can Cancer Do? – Robert Moore
28. Unforgettable Dates – Arunachala Bhaktha Bhagavat
29. Miracles Happen Every Day – Dinshaw J. Bakshi
30. Some Intimate Experiences – Anonymus
31. Second Innings – Sulochana Natarajan
32. Horoscope Rewritten – Sabarinathan
33. The Spiritual Workshop – Elan Kumaran
34. Letter from A Friend – Yolanda Levi
35. November 26, 1994 – Mamtha and Prakash Adiseshan
36. Absorbed in Ramana – Muruganar