Self Discovery  - Understanding the Mind:  The Ramana Way

Self Discovery - Understanding the Mind: The Ramana Way

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Author: A R Natarajan
Publisher: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 92
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185378746


Every waking moment we are thinking. This is so in dreams, too. This addiction to thought results in tensions, anxieties, and worries. The mind is splintered by multifarious thoughts. The question therefore arises as to whether there is an alternative to this chaotic mind.

This is found in the method stressed by Ramana Maharshi known as self-enquiry. In self-enquiry, the attention is on the core of the mind, the central 'I' thought, on the thinker, away from the innumerable thoughts. Such attention, backed by Maharshi's guidance, leads to the Discovery of the naturally peaceful and silent mind, and the joy of it.

Then one works in an Atmosphere of tranquility and inner poise. Life itself would be a Sport to be enjoyed to the brim. The mind would be unifocussed, alert, attentive. There would be a confluence of work and wisdom.



1. Self Discovery
2. Understanding Ramana's Teachings
3. The Pure Mind vs Ego Based Mind
4. Goodbye to the Past and Hello to the Present
5. Who is Alive? Who is Dead
6. Birth of the Body, Death of the Mind and Self-Knowledge
7. The Elixir of Youth
8. An Open Invitation
9. Being in Touch with Consciousness
10. Unasked Questions
11. Selective Control of the Mind
12. The Alternatives : Pure Mind : Stilled Mind : Divided Mind
13. Time out
14. The Mortal and Immortal
15. The Master Physician
16. Why the Company of the Wise?
17. Worship of the Supreme
18. Grace is Needed Most
19. Sadaguru's Grace is a Must
20. Non-dual Consciousness - The Flood Tide of Bliss
21. Travel as you Please
22. Can i still Love my Husband, Kids, Relatives and Friends?
23. Does one have Commitment to Oneself?
24. Work, Idle Time and Holidays
25. Blown into the Wind
26. Sporting in the World