Holistic Meditation  -  The Straight Path

Holistic Meditation - The Straight Path

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Author: A R Natarajan
Publisher: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189231022


If one poses some fundamental questions, which go to the root of one’s life, then and then only will one be aware how ignorant one is about himself and life giving inputs.

Let us consider a series of questions that will bring this to light. Have I enquired about the Purpose of life? Have I enquired into the Nature of my mind? Have I observed the daily miracle of deep sleep, which is a must for a fatigued mind?

Have I observed hat in deep sleep I am free from thoughts, yet happy and in repose? Have I enquired about the meaning of this daily setting and raising of the mind? Have I considered an escape route from the obsessive pressure congestion of the thoughts? Has my ceaseless activity for enjoyment borne fruit? An honest answer to all these questions can only be 'NO'. Why? Because one has never found the time to take a break and to enquire about oneself.

Ramana's teachings may be summarised in one phrase, 'Knowledge about the Heart', termed 'Dahara-Vidya'. In Holistic meditation, based on this knowledge, which is the Knowledge about the true subject, the purpose of Meditation is to be in constant touch with the divine current in one's own heart. This path has been termed by Ramana as "THE STRAIGHT PATH".

If one pays attention one would realize that first the consciousness 'I am' is there and then there is an almost simultaneous add on of 'so-and-so', a particular name and form. The 'I' would therefore be made up of two parts, 'I am', which is consciousness and a limitation, or identification of the 'I am' with 'so-and-so ', which is the cause of being bound by time and space. Such limitation is not there in deep sleep.

When this thought ridden 'I' is silent, as in deep sleep, or if one is able to consciously relate to the heart, the true subject that is sporting as 'I-I' in the heart shines forth.

On this path, Ramana is the constant Guru and Companion protecting one from the Distractions of an un-understood mind. He cheers and restores one's Faith in the Search for the Discovery of truth. Till the need for effort ceases, the unfailing practice of self-enquiry and steadfast faith in the guidance of Sadguru Ramana is a must. The obstacles to the Perception of ever-existent Truth would fade away if one would experience the Natural joy and abide in it savouring its perrennial inherent bliss.



1. The Single Energy-Centre?
2. The Source
3. The Beginning
4. More About the Mind
5. The Grip of Time
6. Dyking Thought-Inflow
7. Role Play
8. Relating to the Divine Current Within
9. Controlling of Mind - Understanding It
10. The Alternatives
11. The Power of Enquiry
12. The Urge for Freedom
13. The Heart
14. Self-Enquiry
15. Who am 'I'?
16. Ramana's Guidance
17. Guru's Commitment
18. The Disciple's Commitment
19. The Obstacles
20. Prayer
21. More About Prayer
22. The 'Why' of Holistic Meditation
23. A Run through - I
24. A Run through - II
25. Home at Last