Medical Astrology   Volume 2  - Combinations and Remedial Measures   Volume -  Two]

Medical Astrology Volume 2 - Combinations and Remedial Measures Volume - Two]

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Author: N E Muthuswamy
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): A. Gopalakrishna Baliga
Publisher: CBH Publications
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 246
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185381992


An exhaustive and comprehensive study of the theory and application of astrological principles in the determination of the root cause for difficult and untraceable diseases.

The book deals with the fundamental principles of astrology, a detailed analysis of the combinations which show how the onset of diseases can be learnt before-hand and how the remedial measures like gem therapy, ritualstic remedies, graha dosha santhi and other remedies available can be usefully adapted to the benefit of the mankind.

The transit and dasa bhukthi of the planets and how they effect the health of the native are well explained in the various chapters. Exclusive chapters for Karmavipakam remedies, graha dosha shanthi, remedies available from prasna, gem therapy etc. are well documented.

“A Complete reference book on Medical Astrology”.


A. Gopalakrishna Baliga, born in 1940, is a Chemistry graduate from Kerala University. He Passed the Jyotisha Bhooshanam Examination conducted by Jyotisha Prachara Sabha in 1980 and later did his M.A. in Astrology from P.T. Sreerarulu Telugu University. Later has was awarded the Jyotisha Siromani by the Jyotisha Prachara Sabha. He Authored the biography of Prof. N.E. Muthuswamy. The Present book has been translated into English by him from the Original Malayalam work “Rogavum Chikitsayum Jyotishathil’, by Prof. N.E. Muthuswamy.


1. Classification of Diseases
2. Planetary combination for inherent diseases
3. Diseases caused by Disharmony of three humors and Planetary combinations
4. Planetary combination of various diseases
5. Accidents and unexpected diseases
6. Diseases of possessions – Baadha Roya
7. Time of onset of diseases
8. Diseases from Hoarary, Roga in Prasana
9. Curable and incurable diseases
10. Combinations of Planets indicating Pregnancy diseases
11. Astrology and surgery in Pregnancy
12. Muhurtha for taking medicines
13. Ozhivu in the hoarary of diseases
14. Astrological remedies for treatment
15. Remedies through gems
16. Remedial measures in Prasnamarga
17. Karmavipaka Parihaaraas in Veerasimhavalokam
18. Navagrahadoshasanthi
19. Combinations of planets indicating danger
20. Sixth house – A discussion on other aspects
21. Diseases and longevity
22. Planetary combinations for becoming medical practitioners
23. Conclusion