Moksha Gita

Moksha Gita

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2005
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


From the book :

This book is or the “Song of Liberation”. By practicing its teachings one gets liberated from all bondage and becomes immortal. Moksha Gita is an exhaustive treatise of the highest wisdom of the Advaita Vedanta. One cannot but be transformed into a higher spiritual state after reading this blessed Gita.

Every seeker after Brahma-Jnana should study this book. It will dispel his ignorance and raise him to the higher Consciousness of the Reality. This Gita is an exposition of the way to attain the state of the Supreme Satchidananda , the existence-knowledge-bliss-Absolute ! This is the highest Brahma-Vidya !

The nature of the Eternal Brahman is described in the Second Chapter. Brahman is the Reality that alone is. That is the object of quest of all religions and Philosophies. Brahman is light, power, wisdom and Bliss that is absolute. It is the Seat of Immortality. It is the self of all. All thoughts and actions must be directed towards the realization of the One Brahman.

Isvara is a limitation through Maya. All passions, lust and evil traits are due to the belief in the existence of the World, which is really non-existent. The removal of this Maya through the Knowledge of Brahman coustitutes liberation or Moksha.

Let those that long for liberation read this Moksha Gita with attention and devotion, for the abstruse essence of the Vedas can be understood easily through this.
--- Moksha Gita



Chapter I – The Search for Truth
Chapter II – The Nature of Brahman
Chapter III – The Nature of Maya
Chapter IV – The Nature of Avidya
Chapter V – The Nature of the Universe
Chapter VI – The Nature of the Mind
Chapter VII – The Process of Sadhana
Chapter VIII – Ignorance and Wisdom
Chapter IX – The Five Sheaths
Chapter X – The State of Jivanmukti
Chapter XI – Brahma-Upadesa
Chapter XII – The Realisation of the Self