The Principal Upanishads

The Principal Upanishads

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 510
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520010


The present Volume Contains the Text, Translation, important Notes and exhaustive Commentary on Nine Principal Upanishads. Originally, these Principal Texts appeared in two volumes in earlier editions, and sometime after the publication of the same, these works of His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj went out of print for many years.

For some reason or other, the reprinting of these famous Scriptures with the Commentary of His Holiness could not become possible, through students of the Prasthanatraya, - the triple foundation of Indian Philosophy, viz., the Upanishads, the Brahmasutras and the Bhagavadgita, - eager to see the coming out of these treasures of writing and were actually communicating to us their re-quests in this regard incessantly.

The greatness and the sublimity of the Upanishads are well known to all students of philosophy. There have been many attempts to approach the books through various standpoints. Much has been written oven the knotty problems of interpretation, by Eastern and Western Scholars. And yet, the lay reader has understood the central teachings not fully well.

In this volume, Sri Swamiji has stressed such points clearly and truly, explaining the abstruse ideas in his own inimitable style, thus laying bare the sacred doctrine not only before the eligible pupil but also the lay reader.


Publishers’ Note
1. Introduction
2. Isavasya Upanishad
3. Introduction
4. Prathama Khanda [Section – I]
5. Dvitiya Khanda [Section – II]
6. Tritiya Khanda [Section – III]
7. Chaturtha Khanda [Section – IV]
8. Introduction
9. Chapter I – Prathama Valli
10. Chapter I – Dvitiya Valli
11. Chapter I – Tritiya Valli
12. Chapter II – Prathama Valli
13. Chapter II – Dvitiya Valli
14. Chapter II – Tritiya Valli
15. Introduction
16. Prathama Prasna [Question I]
17. Dvitiya Prasna [Question II]
18. Tritiya Prasna [Question III]
19. Chaturtha Prasna [Question IV]
20. Panchama Prasna [Question V]
21. Shashtha Prasna [Question VI]
22. Introduction
23. First Mundaka – Prathama Khanda
24. First Mundaka – Dvitiya Khanda
25. Second Mundaka – Prathama Khanda
26. Third Mundaka – Prathama Khanda
27. Third Mundaka – Dvitiya Khanda
28. Mandukyopanishad
29. Introduction
30. Siksha-Valli
31. Brahmananda –Valli
32. Bhrigu – Valli
33. Introduction
34. Prathama Khanda [Section I]
35. Dvitiya Khanda [Section II]
36. Tritiya Khanda [Section III]
37. Chaturtha Khanda [Section IV]
38. Panchama Khanda [Section V]
39. Introduction
40. Chapter – I
41. Chapter – II
42. Chapter – III
43. Chapter – IV
44. Chapter – V
45. Chapter – VI