Practice of Yoga

Practice of Yoga

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Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520134


The end and aim of human existence is universally accepted by all right thinking men as the realization of God-Consciousness. As such a clear and comprehensive knowledge of the various ways and means to that end will be most welcome. This knowledge goes by the name of Yoga, or the service of the Self, which has been perfected by the saints and sages of yore.

This book contains many practical lessons on Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga which all can be termed simply as Yoga. It will help the aspirants in the path of Jnana to enjoy the Supreme Bliss of the Self. Followers of the Raja Yoga will find in it valuable and interesting lessons for the attainment of perfect concentration and blissful state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Again it serves as a divine light to all Bhaktas to fix their mind on the effulgent glory of their Ishta Devata, Students of Karma Yoga and Hatha Yoga will find a wealth of information and knowledge. To the spiritual aspirants this book will be a gift from the land of gods, as it were.

Karma Yoga removes the impurities of mind and develops the heart. Bhakti Yoga destroys the tossing of the mind. Raja Yoga steadies the mind and develops concentration. Jnana Yoga removes the veil of ignorance and brings knowledge of the Self. Therefore one should practice all of the four Yogas.


Publisher’s Note
Chapter One – Object of Yoga
1. Yoga Defined
2. Yoga and Jnana
3. Miserable Mundane Life
4. The Goal of Life
5. God-realisation
Chapter Two – Foundation of Yoga
6. Necessity for a Guru
7. Selection of Aspirants
8. Faith in Scriptures
9. Brahmacharya
10. Lack of Brahmacharya
11. Mitahara
12. Give up Salt
13. Renunciation – Its Service to Brahma-Jnana
14. Seclusion for Three Years
15. Sadhana Chatushtaya
Chapter Three – Ethical Culture
16. Lead a Moral Life
17. Dharma and Adharma
18. Build your Character
19. Control Evil Habits
20. Eradicate Negative Qualities
21. Conserve your Energy
Chapter Four – Preparation for Yoga
22. Purification
23. Ethical Training
24. Importance of Yama and Niyama
25. Destroy the Impurities
26. Cultivate Virtues
27. Develop Patience
28. Medical Aid for Chitta-Suddhi
29. Trataka
30. What is Bhakti?
31. Fruits of Bhakti
32. Characteristics of a Bhakta
33. Japa
Chapter Five – Yogic Physical Exercises and Pranayama
34. Benefit of Yogic Exercises
35. Padmasana
36. Siddhasana
37. Sirshasana
38. Sarvangasana
39. Paschimottamasana
40. Sukhapurvaka Pranayama
41. Bhastrika Pranayama
42. Sitali Pranayama
43. Maha Mudra
44. Uddiyana Bandha
Chapter Six – Mind and its Functions
45. Essence of Sadhana
46. Evolution of Mind
47. Theory of Perception
48. Pure and Impure Mind
49. Mind in A Jnani
50. Mind – A Frightened Bird
51. Mind – A Mischievous Monkey
52. Mind – A Playing Child
53. Mind – A Wild Bull
54. Mind – A Wild Horse
55. Ever Control the Indriyas
56. Control the Wandering Mind
57. Thought-Culture
58. Mental Factory
59. Memory-Culture
60. Important Exercises
61. Instructions on Memory
62. Will-Culture
63. How to Develop the Will
64. Instructions on will-Culture
Chapter Seven – The Law of Karma
65. Nature
66. The Law of Karma
67. Man Is the Master of His Destiny
68. Man Can Outgrow Environments
Chapter Eight – Obstacles in Yoga
69. Moha – Attachment
70. Poor Health
71. Impure and Immoderate Food
72. Influence of Tamas
73. Doubt
74. Vishaya – Asakti
75. Manorajya
76. Dilly-dallying
77. Shilly-Shallying
78. Evil Company
79. The So-Called Friends
80. Jilly-Jallying
81. Name and Fame
82. Irregularity and Cessation of Sadhana
83. Lack of a Preceptor
84. Fear
85. Anger
86. Force of Samskaras
87. Samskara-Raksha
88. Danger of Mixing
89. Pratipaksha- Bhavana
Chapter Nine – Meditation
90. Places for Meditation
91. Brahmamuhurta
92. Meditation Room
93. Time for Meditation
94. How Many Hours to Meditate
95. Three Instrumental Causes
96. Meditation and Action
97. Elementals
98. Real Rest in Meditation
99. Remembrance in Meditation
100. Hints on Meditation
101. Instructions on Meditation
102. Practical Instructions
103. Meditation on Rose
104. Meditation on Buffalo
105. Meditation on Mahatma Gandhiji
106. Meditation on Virat-Purusha
107. Meditation on Divine Songs
108. Meditation on the Gita Slokas
109. Meditation on Gayatri
110. Meditation on Mahavakyas
111. Concentration on Breath
112. Meditation on Soham
113. Saguna Meditation
114. Nirguna Meditation
115. Positive Meditation
116. Negative Meditation
117. Saguna and Nirguna Meditation
Chapter Ten
118. Mauna
119. Antaranga Sadhana
120. Svara Sadhana
121. Awakening the Kundalini
122. Laya Yoga
123. Auto-Suggestion
Chapter Eleven – The Yoga of Wisdom
124. Theory of Vedanta
125. Important Qualifications
126. Jnana Yoga Sadhana
127. Your Real Nature
128. Residuum of Ignorance
129. The Five Sheaths
130. Jiva in Sleep
131. Sat-Chit –Ananda
132. Svarupa Jnana
133. Nature of Moksha
134. Cosmic Consciousness
135. Omniscience
136. Ajati-Vada
137. Brahmakara Vritti
138. Fate of Brahmakara Vritti
139. Nature of a Jivanmukta
140. Who is a Jnani
141. Vedantic Meditation
142. Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhi
Chapter Twelve – Mystic Experiences
143. Anahata Sounds
144. Mind Moves
145. Feeling of Separation
146. Materialisation
147. Astral Journey
148. Lights in Meditation
149. Dazzling Lights
Appendix One
150. Questions and Answers
Appendix Two - Garland of Yoga
151. A Real Guru
152. Pseudo – Gurus
153. The Ashram Life
154. Advice to Sannyasa Students
155. Health and Yoga
156. Yogic Powers
157. Special Instructions
Appendix Three – Lives of Great Saints
158. Sankaracharya and His Disciple
159. Ekanath
160. Jada Bharata
161. Kabir’s Method of Sadhana
162. Tiruvalluvar’s Wife
163. Drona and His Disciples
164. Gladstone and Balfour
165. Ranti Deva
166. Nama Deva
167. Tukaram
168. Damaji
169. Nandana
170. Swami Krishna Ashram
171. Siddarudha Swami
Appendix Four – Anecdotes
172. A Brahmin Priest
173. A Soldier Bhakta
174. A Saint