Awakening India

Awakening India

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Author: Swami Vivekananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 203
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Let us all work hard, my brethren; this is no time for sleep. On our work depends the coming of the India of the Future. She is there ready waiting. She is only sleeping. Arise and awake and see her seated here on her eternal throne, rejuvenated, more glorious than she ever was - this motherland of ours.

Swami Vivekananda holds a pride of place among the makers of modern India. He was one of the greatest patriots to have ever been born in this country.

India today is poised for a giant leap from the ranks of developing countries to that of developed countries. Our economic growth is robust and we boast of a very high percentage of youth population among the nations of the world. But, at the same time there are several areas concerning the welfare of our nation which need our immediate attention.

If the economic growth and the benefits of development are to percolate down to the level of masses and if the people of our country have to live in peace, harmony and happiness, we need to take some urgent measures.

It is in this regard that we have a very wonderful remedy in the messages of Swami Vivekananda. He is a perfect role model for the youth of this country who need to grow as enlightened citizens.

It is under his banner that the Indian youths can work for the regeneration of our motherland. With a deep sense of urgency and concern for the nation we wish to spread the message of Swami Vivekananda, particularly among the youth of this country. This book is a humble effort in that direction.

It is organized into six key message clusters – a set of messages which when understood which when understood together provide the reader an insight into Swami Vivekananda’s radical prescription for the regeneration of our motherland.


Section 1 – Swamiji’s Message to the Youth

1.1. IT is the Youth who will Transform this Nation
1.2. Take up an Ideal and Give your Whole life to it
1.3. Stand on your own feet
1.4. Awaken the spirit of ‘Rajas’ within you
1.5. Believe in Yourself
1.6. Be bold and Fearless
1.7. Expand your Heart
1.8. Be open to Learning from anyone
1.9. Develop a Gigantic will

Section 2 – Swamiji’s Message to Reformers

1.10. Liberty is the first Condition for Growth
1.11. Affirm; do Not Condemn
1.12. Don’t Lead your Brethren; Serve Them
1.13. Act with Unselfish Motives
1.14. Create ‘Sanction’ from the People
1.15. The Indian Nation will Rise only when the elf-Esteem of the Masses is Raised
1.16. Real Social Reform will Happen when the People learn to help Themselves

Section 3 – Swamiji’s Message to Educations

1.17. Education must help us Manifest the Infinite Knowledge within
1.18. Education must result in Man-Making
1.19. Education must Strengthen Faith and Pride in Ourselves as a Nation
1.20. Education must focus on Character-Building Assimilation of Ideas
1.21. Education must Enable the Student to Learn
1.22. Education Enable Individuals to find Solutions to the Challenges of Life
1.23. Education must not only give ideas but also give Culture
1.24. Education must help Develop the Power of Concentration
1.25. The Conditions Necessary for the Teacher
1.26. The Conditions Necessary for the Taught
1.27. The Conditions for Effective Transfer of Learning

Section 4 – Swamiji’s Message on Women’s Empowerment

1.28. The Ideal of Women as Mother
1.29. The Indian Ideal of Womanhood is Personified in Sita
1.30. The Ideal of Women as a Warrior
1.31. Women are Equally Eligible for this highest knowledge
1.32. Meet with women on the grounds of common humanity
1.33. Women must be treated with utmost respect
1.34. Women must be given an All-Round Education
1.35. Women must Develop their own Solutions

Section 5 – Swamiji’s Message on the Uplift of The Masses

1.36. Dedicate yourself to the Uplift of this Masses
1.37. The Masses will be Raised when we Develop Faith in the Equality and Oneness of Man
1.38. Educate the Masses
1.39. The Solution to the Caste Problem is Raising up the Lower, not Pulling Down the Higher

Section 6 – Swamiji’s Message on Restoring our National Glory

1.40. India’s Ideal is Spirituality
1.41. India can be Raised only through the power of the Spirit
1.42. India’s Mission – The Spiritual Regeneration of the World
1.43. India’s Solution to life’s Challenges is Renunciation India must Develop itself in line with its inner Strength
1.44. India must Share Spiritual Knowledge with the west and Gain Material Knowledge from them
1.45. India is Readying for its time under the sun