Sri Ramakrishna and Spiritual Renaissance

Sri Ramakrishna and Spiritual Renaissance

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Author: Swami Nirvedananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187332855


Ramakrishna’s tireless and almost breathless journey on the various roads of religion had practically come to an end with his Advaita realization; No doubt, almost immediately after that, he trod the path of Islam and that of Christianity about eight years later.

On both these occasions he attained the goal in the course of three days, as if he had been out on holiday excursions. As a matter of fact, after he had mastered, through his Advaita Sadham, the transcendental and impersonal aspects of God, no region of the spiritual plane remained unexplored to him.

The alien paths he tried only to see of they led to the same goal of divinity that he had already realized in all its diverse aspects; and he was satisfied. Hence his Islamic and Christian Sadhanas differ widely from the rest of his spiritual quest, which had come to a befitting conclusion with his six months’ Sojourn on the transcendental heights of the Absolute.

After that he had practically cried halt and wanted to spend his remaining days in the company of men. From the depths of his heart had gone up the prayer: ‘O Mother, let me remain in contact with men. Do not make me a dry ascetic’. And the prayer had been answered by the imperious command of his divine Mother: ‘Stay on the threshold of relative consciousness for the love of humanity.’


Publisher’s Note

I. March of Events
The Ebb-tibe of Indian Culture;
Reform Movements;
Brahmo Samaj; Arya Samaj;
Theosophical Society;
A Retrospect;
The Orthodox Stand;
Hindu Renaissance…

II. Sri Ramakrishna’s Life – A Web of Spirituality
The Wonder-Child;
The Young Priest;
The Mad Quest on Uncharted Seas;
On Beaten tracks;
On Alien Paths;
Journey’s End’
On Terra Firma;
With old-scholars and Devotees; With gurus;
With Relatives;
With Suffering Humanity;
With Modern Intellectuals;
With Disciples;
The Beacon Light…

III. Swami Vivekananda and Spiritual Federation
Ramakrishna’s Dynamic Counterpart;
The Rock of Adamant;
Boring the Rock; Harnessing the Stream;
Torrential Rush;
Revitalizing the Religions;
Awakening the Motherland;
Consolidating his Mission

IV. Glimmerings of a New Dawn
The Ramakrishna Math and Mission;
Resurgence of Hindu Culture;
The Occident in the Melting Pot;
Promising Prologue to a Glorious Future;

V. Bibliography
VI. Index