Swami Brahmananda  as we saw Him - Reminiscences of Monastic & Lay Devotees

Swami Brahmananda as we saw Him - Reminiscences of Monastic & Lay Devotees

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Author: Swami Atmashraddhananda
Several Contributors/
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 589
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178235493


Swami Brahmananda (1863 - 1922) was a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna who regarded him as his spiritual son. Also known as Raja Maharaj or simply 'Maharaj', Swami Brahmananda wa the first president of the Ramakrishna Order.

A man of deep meditative temperament and down-to-earth wisdom and humour, Maharaj quietly carried the mantle of guiding the fledging Ramakrishna Order in its first 21 years as also provided spiritual guidance to numerous spiritual aspirants, monastic and lay, who came in touch with him. This book is a compilation of their reminiscences and personal accounts culled from various sources.


Publishers Note

1. Swami Vijnanananda
2. Swami Prabhavananda
3. Swami Yatiswarananda
4. Swami Ashokananda
5. Swami Vishuddhananda
6. Swami Madhavananda
7. Swami Vireswarananda
8. Swami Bhuteshananda
9. Swami Nirvanananda
10. Swami Omkareswarananda
11. Swami Kailashananda
12. Swami Ambikananda
13. Swami Aparnananda
14. Swami Satprakashananda
15. Swami Aseshananda
16. Swami Siddheswarananda
17. Swami Achyutananda
18. Swami Viswananda
19. Swami Purushottamananda
20. Swami Jnanatmananda
21. Swami Akhilananda
22. Swami Vividishananda
23. Swami Vijayananda
24. Swami Tejasananda
25. Swami Sarvajnananda
26. Swami Saradeshananda
27. Swami Kashishwarananda
28. A Monastic Disciple
29. Swami Shambhavananda
30. Tarasundari
31. Boshi Sen
32. A Devotee
33. C. Ramaswamy Aiyangar
34. C. Ramanujachari
35. Dilip Kumar Roy
36. P. Seshadri Aiyar
37. Sister Devamata
38. Srish Chandra Matilal
39. Shraddha Louis
40. S. Venkateshwaran

A. Role of Guru in Spiritual Life Swami Brahmananda
B. An Unpublished Letter of Swami Brahmananda
C. A Speech by Swami Brahmananda
D. Swami Brahmananda: The Spiritual son of Sri Ramakrishna Swami Yatiswarananda
E. The Passing away of Swami Brahmananda – A Letter by Swami Siddheswarananda
F. Spiritual Precepts of Swami Brahmananda P. Seshadri Aiyar

Sources and References