Vikram Betal  -  Video CD

Vikram Betal - Video CD

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Author: A Selection
Publisher: Excel Home Videos
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): EHV2039


Once a sage advises King Vikramaditya that a corpse called Betal hanging on a banyan tree can bring in untold riches to his kingdom but at great peril that could cost even the life of the king. The king embarks to hunt this living corpse only to be tricked on every capture. It tests not only the courage of the king but his wisdom in solving the intricate do-or-die puzzles put across to the king by the wily ghost.

This then is the exciting story of Vikram and Betal in a battle of wits that promises the viewers intriguing tales of palace intrigues and edge-of-the seat adventures – tales of monster and angels, kings and commoners, damsels in distress and pining princess. The film on Vikram and Betal deals with King Vikramaditya and his solving of the intricate puzzles at the end of each the stories narrated by Betal.

“Tree of Wealth” is the story of king, a princess and a commoner friend. The friend who in order to do the king a favor end up taking his own life. It is the love story of a King with a mermaid princess.

“The Hungry Giant” is the story of king torn between his love for the people of his kingdom and his love for the daughter of the enemy king. It’s the story of friendship with his loyal Army Commander. It is the story of an ever-hungry giant that wants to devour them all.

“The Deserving Suitor” is the story of a beautiful princess who has to choose between three handsome and capable suitors to be her husband. But only one of them can marry her – one who is brave and strong to kill an evil love-sick monster with supernatural powers.