The Heart of the Matter  -  Development, Identity and Violence  [Reconfiguring the Debate]

The Heart of the Matter - Development, Identity and Violence [Reconfiguring the Debate]

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Author: Ravi Kumar
Publisher: Aakar Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 93-5002-108-0


The volume addresses the complex relationship between development, identity and violence from different dimensions. It explores the idea of development beyond its appearances and delves deeper into its essence. India has been a site of tumultuous changes in recent times as a consequence of its shift towards neoliberalism.

This shift has not only introduced a new framework of development but has also produced its side effects. Chapters in this volume make an effort to critically engage with these issues trying to reconfigure the ongoing debates on development.


Introduction / Ravi Kumar

1. Thinking through Urban Debris – Violence, Terror and the State by Nandita Badami and Anirban Nigam
2. Through and Beyond – Identities and Class Struggle by Paresh Chandra
3. “No Rehabilitation” is Ecocide and Genocide – Is there possibility of Hope? By Savyasaachi
4. Ventilating Predicament of Development – New Economic Enclaves and Structural Violence in India by Manisha Tripathy Pandey
5. The Artifice of Modernity in nation-building Analyzing the Case of “Postcolonial” Northeast India by Neikolie Kuotsu
6. Developing Bastar – The Dandakaranya Project by Saagar Tiwari