Rao Tula Ram  -  A Biography

Rao Tula Ram - A Biography

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Author: K C Yadav
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 87
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123750842


Rao Tula Ram (1825-1863) of Rewari was one of the most important leaders of the uprising of 1857 in northern India. He raised the flag of revolt against the British on 17 May 1857 and kept it fluttering, through thick and thin, till his lat breath.

He not only obliterated every vestige of the British rule from southwest Haryana but also helped the rebel forces fighting in the historic city of Delhi with men, money and material.

He was a first rate administrator and a military commander. After the uprising petered out, he left India and met the rulers of Iran and Afghanistan and established contacts with the czar of Russia to seek their help to fight another war to free India from the British yoke. His death at Kabul, on 23 September 1863, however, shipwrecked his grand plan.

The story based on archival, Indian and Russia, and other sources, primary and secondary, is inspiring. It not only rescues an important leader of the uprising from anonymity but also provides some important details and insights, which can be useful, in understanding the nature and scope of the first great challenge to the British imperialism in Asia.



1. The Perspective
2. Early Life
3. 1857
4. And the Fight goes on
5. The Battle of Narnaul
6. Down but Not out
7. A Grand Mission
8. Summing Up