Muhammad Abdurahman

Muhammad Abdurahman

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Author: N P Chekkutty
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 130
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978812374816X


This booktells the story of one of the most important leaders of India’s freedom movement. He came to politics at the backdrop of 1921 Malabar revolt of Kerala, an important political rebellion against the British rule. Led by the Muslim moplahs, thousands of Peasants fought against the British Army for six months.

It was the courageous intervention of abdurahman which helped prevent the spread of the riots. Following the rebellion, the moplahs, persecuted by the British and alienated by the local Hindus, suffered untold miseries. They were brough back to the mainstream society by Congress under Abdurahman’s leadership.

A passionate political activist, Abdurahman, in his short but meteoric life, became president of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee with the help of the left. Shri E M S Namboodirippad, later chief minister of Kerala, was the general secretary. This alliance of the left and minority communities was not only a novel experiment in Indian politics but helped the left and secular forces to establish a strong foothold in Kerala.

A great patriot, Abdurahman, towards his last days worked against the communalization of Malabar politics and division of the country on communal lines. This short biography looks at the life of this little known great political activist of India.



1. Malabar at Crossroads
2. Abdurahman Becomes Khilafat Secretary
3. Rebellion and After
4. First Arrest and Jail Life
5. Al-Ameen, the voice of Truth
6. The Andaman Scheme
7. Malabar and the Salt Satyagraha
8. Struggles within, Struggles outside
9. A Challenge to the Patricians
10. Leader of the Left wing
11. A Return to the Prisons
12. The Final Battle