Rafi Ahmad Kidwai  -  A Memoir of his life and times

Rafi Ahmad Kidwai - A Memoir of his life and times

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Author: Ajit Prasad Jain
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 159
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123756073


Ajit Prasad Jain, a life-long associate of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai gives in these pages a fascinating portrait of this great man, and his times.

Writing with personal knowledge, the author paints a picture of Kidwai, an extremely complex, original and unpredictable man, always springing surprises and never conforming to a pattern. He has also brought out Kidwai’s attitude towards the two great architects of modern India.

The author recalls that despite Kidwai’s association with Gandhiji’s mass movement, he never developed a faith in unadulterated non-violence, while his faith in Nehru’s policies was almost complete.

Kidwai’s successful stewardship of the food Portfolio of the government of India, the graveyard of many a reputation, his dedicated championing of the cause of the peasantry, his abiding faith in secularism despite the assassination of his brother by a Hindu communalist, are all well related here. Most of Kidwai’s friends and opponents find a place in the story.

Although the author makes no secret of his affection for Kidwai, he has attempted to take as detached and impersonal a view of his subject as possible and these memoirs gain immensely in fullness of understanding and human interest from the intimate political and personal ties between the author and Kidwai.



1. The Bells Tolled
2. Some Rafian Episodes
3. Muslim Politics in the Doldrums
4. The Parting of ways
5. The Old order Giveth Place
6. Democracy’s Limping Leg
7. The Darkest Days
8. He fell to Rise
9. The Hour of Triumph
10. A Wizard Who Made Two count as Four
11. Fathering of Civil Aviation
12. The Family and Boyhood