Beyond The Giant  -  Personal Insight Into the Life of J R D  Tata

Beyond The Giant - Personal Insight Into the Life of J R D Tata

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Author: D R Pendse
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 281
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123753324


This book is best read in its entirety and in the sequence in which it is published. This may not be always easy. While JRD invariably read carefully everything I wrote and sent to him, he also told me often that seven typed pages is about the maximum that an interested yet busy reader should be expected to read at a stretch.

Different from other biographies of tale JRD Tata, this book is author’s personal insight into country’s leading entrepreneur’s life. The author D R Pendse is an internationally acclaimed economist who served Tata group for two decades as a full-time chief economist and worked intimately under the industry giant throughout this period.

Written in a story telling format, the book puts forth personal account of the author in a fairly engaging and lucid style. It would also widen public understanding of JRD’s philosophy and practical achievements.


Special Foreword (by Lord Ralph Harris of High Cross)

1. Author’s Preface

Part A – JRD – The Chairman at Work
2. Visionary and Patriot? No, A Visionary Patriot
3. Spot or Grab Talent
4. An Organisational Man
5. Perfectionism and Excellence
6. Style of Working

Part B – JRD – The Man Within
7. Heart – Warning Qualities
8. Glimpses of Personal Life
9. Anecdotes, Humour and Vignettes

Part C – JRD – His Frustrations and Despairs
10. Background
11. Personal Frustrations
12. About Ouster from Air India
13. About Economic Policies
14. About Setting up a Think Tank
15. About Developments Within the Tata Group

Part D – JRD and I
16. Background – The Tress And the Forest
17. As the Chief Economist of Tata Group – The Journey
18. As the Chief Economist of Tata Group – Some Illustrations
19. As a Tata Executive
20. As a Professional Economist and an Opinion Maker – The Journey
21. As a Professional Economist and an Opinion Maker – Twenty-two of the Enriching Experiences
22. This must also be said…
23. My Exit and JRD’s Too

Part E – Curtain
24. Curtain