Immortal Series  - A Gift To Ustad Alla Rakha (MUSIC CD)

Immortal Series - A Gift To Ustad Alla Rakha (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Zakir Hussain
Fazal Quraishi/
Publisher: T - Series
Year: 06/99
Language: Classical Instrumental
ISBN/UPC (if available): SICCD 049 R


Renderings in this CD celebrate 75th Birthday of Ustad Allah Rakha, who is accompanied by Zakir Hussain and Fazal Quarishi.

Tracks on this CD are:

MATT TAAL - Ustad Allah Rakha - Solo 10:05
Sarangi Lahra Raag Khamaj

RUPAK TAAL - Zakir Husain & Fazal Quarishi - Duet 19:06
Sarangi Lahra Raag Saraswati

SAWARI TAAL- Zakir Husain - Solo 14:00
Sarangi Lhra Raag Champakali

EK TAAL - Ustad Allah Rakha and Zakir Husain - Duet 8:51
Sarangi Lahra Raag Maru Bihag

TEEN TAAL - Begins with Ustad Allah Rakha 15:46
then joined by Fazal Quraishi & Zakir Husain respectively (Trio)
Sarangi Lahra Raag Dhani