Discourse Democracy and Difference  -  Perspectives on Community Politics and Culture

Discourse Democracy and Difference - Perspectives on Community Politics and Culture

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Author: M T Ansari
Deeptha Achar/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): M T Ansari/Deeptha Achar
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 455
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126028467


This book attempts to re-engage the idea of the minor in the context of democracy and difference by way of revisiting a diverse range of conceptual frameworks, disciplinary formations, texts and genres.

It is structured around three aspects: the first focuses on minorities in the context of colonial modernity, democracy and difference, Secularism and communalism as well as of the Constitution and citizenship.

The second aspect involves gathering other resources, other frameworks, other readings of familiar texts that might feed into a history of the minor.

The third aspect is concerned with the socio-cultural dimension where the field of culture, particularly literature/arts, becomes a site of study, yielding insights into minority discourse and into the conditions under which the minor enters discourse.

The essays in this volume are by distinguished scholars in the field; taken together they address the urgent need to strengthen and consolidate minority discourses and to build bridges between and across diverse Minoritarian formations in our life-words. Such a task is still ahead of us; this volume is offered as a modest beginning in this direction.


1. Ajay Skaria
2. Arvind Rajagopal
3. Asma Rasheed
4. Deepak Mehta
5. Deeptha Achar
6. Dipesh Chakrabarty
7. E. V. Ramakrishnan
8. M.S.S. Pandian
9. M.T. Ansari
10. Partha Chatterjee
11. Prafulla C. Kar
12. R. Srivatsan
13. Rochana Bajpai
14. Santosh Dash
15. Satish Poduval
16. Shefali Jha
17. Sowmya Dechamma C. C.
18. V. J. Varghese



Part A

1. Fasting for Laden – The Politics of Secularization in Contemporary India: Partha Chatterjee
2. Nation as Nostalgia – The Ambiguous Spiritual Journeys of Vengal Chakkarai: M. S. S. Pandian
3. Documents and Testimony – Violence, Witnessing and Subjectivity in the Bombay Riots, 1992-1993: Deepak Mehta
4. Gujarat as an Experiment in Hindu National Realism – Lessons on Secularism: Arvind Rajagopal
5. Revisiting Secularism –Gandhi and the Politics of the Neighbour: Ajay Skaria
6. Representing Community – A Reading of Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer’s Novels: E.V. Ramakrishnan
7. Re(li)gion and literary Nationalism – “Higuita” and the Politics of Representation: M.T. Ansari
8. Purdah Oblique Parliament – Modulating “Self” and the Modern Muslim-Women: Asma Rasheed
9. The Politics of Location – Towards Plural Discourses in Literary Studies: Prafulla C Kar

Part B

10. Subaltern History as Political Thought – Dipesh Chakrabarty
11. Native Noses and Nationalist Zoos – Debates in colonial and Early Nationalist Anthropology of Castes and Tribes: R Srivatsan
12. Constitution-making and Political Safeguards for Minorities – An ideological explanation: Rochana Bajpai
13. Hindutva and the Caste Archive – On the Question of “Hindu” Consciousness – Satish Poduval
14. Migrant Narratives – Reading Literary Representations of Christian Migration in Kerala, 1920-1970: V J Varghese
15. Looking Awry – Power, Law and Family in Fiza: Shefali Jha
16. Kodava – Questions of Language, Identity and Cultural Hegemonies: Sowmya Dechamma C C
Notes on Contributors