The Way to Supreme Bliss

The Way to Supreme Bliss

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Author: Samvid
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Mahesvaranandanatha/Samvid
Publisher: Samata Books/Advaita
Year: 2005
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 118
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185208522


This important Work forming part of Paramananda Tantram is held as an authoritative treatise on Sri Vidya worship, the most important branch of the Sakta tradition. Like most other Tantrika works, it is in the form of a conversation between Shiva and His Consort Devi.

Mahesvaranandanatha wrote an excellent and extensive commentary on this esoteric work of the Srividya tradition in the Kali Year 4929 [177 Years ago].

Maheshvaranandanatha, being a full initiate of the Sri Vidya School and a great scholar, has given the authentic interpretation of the entire work consisting of 3322 Verses. Though the work consisting of 25 chapters is full of ritualistic details, the 24th Ullasa containing 219 Verses and titled "Adhyatma - Kathana" gives a concise but complete account of the knowledge which liberates the sadhaka and the means to realize it so that the ultimate purpose of Sri Vidya worship can be achieved by the sadhaka in his or her life time.

Mahesvaranandanatha's detailed commentary is an invaluable guide to the understanding of this crowning chapter of the work. This authoritative work will serve as a reliable guide to all spiritual seekers in their practice since it gives the quintessence of sadhana for self-realization and liberation.