The Ten Great Cosmic Powers  -  Dasa Mahavidyas

The Ten Great Cosmic Powers - Dasa Mahavidyas

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Author: S Shankaranarayanan
Publisher: Samata Books/Advaita
Year: 2018
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 146
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788185208381


The Ten Great Cosmic Powers are ten great mahavidyas, Great Sciences mentioned in Tantra Shastra, the Powers and Personalities of the Mother of the Universe. Each is a particular cosmic function and each leads to a special realization of the one reality.

The might of KALI, the sound force of TARA, the beauty and bliss of SUNDARI, the vast vision of BHUVANESHWARI, the effulgent charm of BHAIRAVI, the striking force of CHINNAMASTA, the silent inertness of DHUMAVATI the paralyzing power of BHAGALAMUKHI, the expressive play of MATANGI and the concord and harmony of KAMALATMIKA are the various characteristics the distinct manifestations of the Supreme Consciousness that has made this creation possible.

In fourteen luminous chapters, the author delves into the dateless past of the Tantric mysteries and brings to light the verities relevant even in the actual present dominated by empirical science.


1. Disciplines of Knowledge
2. Kali
3. Tara
4. Tripurasundari
5. Bhuvaneshwari
6. Tripura Bhairavi
7. Chinnamasta
8. Dhumavati
9. Bagalamukhj
10. Matangi
11. Kamalatmika
12. Correspondence with Other Disciplines
13. Sadhana
14. Synthesis