Sri Chakra

Sri Chakra

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Author: S Shankaranarayanan
Publisher: Samata Books/Advaita
Year: 2018
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 122
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788185208046


This book is king of chakras is a master plan of manifestation drawn by the divine Draughtsman on the board of the infinite, a transcript of the Transcendent, a symbol-image of the supernal verities.

The spiritual and occult tradition of the worship of the Mother Goddess and the Sadhana of Srividhya are explained in sixteen chapters in terms of modern thought and understanding.

Based on authentic and authoritative Tantric texts the exposition in English is inspiring and original, almost a classic in the field of esoteric literature. The Book is so popular it has run into five reprints.


1. Way of the Tantra
2. The Concept of the Chakra
3. The King of Chakras
4. The Emergence of Sri Chakra
5. Hindu and Trikons
6. The Threefold and Ninefold Division
7. The Nine Chakras
8. The Two in One
9. The Deities
10. Sri Chakra and the Mantra
11. Sri Chakra and the Guru
12. Sri Chakra and the Human Body
13. Sri Chakra-Formulations
14. Outer Worship
15. Inner Worship
16. Meditations