Learn Bengali Through English in 30 Days

Learn Bengali Through English in 30 Days

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Author: Sameer Dey
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2009
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788128822995


With a view to Strengthening the Unity of our country, we proudly offer the book series “LEARN THE NATIONAL LANGUAGES.” The series will help the people of our country to learn any Indian Language other than their mother tongue through the medium of English.

This book ‘Diamond Bengali Learning and Speaking Course’ is a part of the series.

This book has three parts. The first part will cover the basic knowledge about Bengali Language and the rest two parts will help the learner not only to converse in Bengali, but in the field of practical application of the language also.


Part – I

1. Alphabet
2. How to Write
3. Reading and Writing
4. Conjuncts
5. Pronunciation
6. Entry into Language
7. Numbers
8. Nouns, Adjectives and Pronouns
9. Verbs
10. Tense
11. Gender
12. Number
13. Case
Part – II
14. Some Useful Sentences
15. Imperative Sentences
16. Interrogative Sentences (1)
17. Interrogative Sentences (2)
18. Interrogative Sentences (3)
19. Negative Sentences
Part – III
20. Idioms and Proverbs
21. Bengali Conversation
22. Bengali Translation