Hatha Yoga  -  Simplified

Hatha Yoga - Simplified

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 173
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A difficult subject dealt with simplicity and indepth by Shri. Yogendraji who devoted all his life in simplifying a complex subject like yoga, so that it is understood by the layman. The book deals with some important Topics like respiratory activity, sexual drive and Its control, brain and nervous system with its Complex network, skin the largest organ of the body and hygiene in general.

The fundamental purpose of yoga is to transcend the limitation of sense of, ‘I’ the ego, in order to merge, with a higher consciousness, resulting in a healthy disease-free body, mental stability, emotional balance, intellectual insight and spiritual awakening; the ultimate goal of human life.

In this book the Psychosomatic approach of Hathayoga to personal problems of man is interpreted with a view to evolving a simple, scientific and methodical course of study. The book is used as a text at the Acad emy of the Yoga Institute – a specially recognized Training Institute of Yoga in India. It Discloses the ancient technique in the light of modern science.


‘‘Today the subject of yoga has gained popularity amongst the intelligentsia both in India and abroad thanks to Shri Yogendra who may rightly be credited as the father of modern revival of yoga.’’
--- United Asia

‘‘The fact that among the world’s best books this book was selected as the most authoritative work on Yoga and was microfilmed and preserved in the great Crypt of Civilization by the Oglethorpe University of America and the further fact that it has passed through six editions in English and three editions in Italian undoubtedly bear out its value as a great work on Yoga.’’
--- Hindustan Standard

‘‘This book should convince readers of the utility of Yoga practices to all not only for physical but also for mental and moral benefits.’’
--- Illustrated Weekly of India.


Chapter – I Care of the Respiratory Apparatus
1. The Respiratory Organs
2. Fourfold Act of Respiration
3. Deep Breathing
(a) Air Hunger
(b) Defective Breathing
4. Rejuvenation through Breathing
5. Preliminary Observances
6. Yoga Methods of Breathing
(a) Sunyaka
(b) Puraka
(c) Kumbhaka
(d) Recaka
(e) Anulomaviloma Breathing
7. Yoga Breathing Vs. Deep Breathing
(a) Absorption of Oxygen
(b) Removal of Carbon Dioxide
(c) Dynamic Equilibration
(d) Volume of Arterialized Blood
(e) Sedative Nervous Effects
(f) Maximum Vital Index for Longevity
8. Therapeutic Value of Yoga Breathing
9. Modern Scientific Corroborations
10. Yoga Respiratory Hygiene
Chapter – II Care of the Sexual Organs
11. Sexual Instinct
12. Psychoanalytical Approach to Sex
13. Cultural Affect of Sex
(a) Psychic
(b) Moral
(c) Mental
(d) Physical
14. Evils of Ignorance in Sex Matters
(a) Before and After Puberty
(b) During the Married Life
15. Sex Education
(a) In the School
(b) At Home
(c) By Literature
16. Modern Sex Hygiene
17. Yoga Method of Sublimation
18. Interpretation of Brahmacarya
19. Yoga Sex Education
(a) Useful Processes
(b) Cool Baths
(c) Irrigation of Genital Passages
(d) Active Continence
20. Yoga Sex Hygiene
Chapter – III Care of the Brain and Nervous System
21. Brain as an Organ of Mind
22. Yoga Neurology
23. A Great Telegraphic System
24. Importance and Control of the Nervous System
25. Nervous Disorders
26. Yoga Mental Hygiene
(a) Education
(b) Freedom from Emotions
(c) Concentration
27. Recreation
28. Art of Relaxation
29. Postures for Relaxation
(a) Dradhasana
(b) Savasana
(c) Makarasana
30. Exercising the Vertebral Column
(a) Pascimottanasana
(b) Matsynedrasana
31. Yoga Hygiene of the Brain and Nerves
Chapter IV – Care of the Skin and its Appendages
32. Skin an Organ of Sensation
33. Functions of the Skin
(a) Protection
(b) Heat Regulation
(c) Respiration
(d) Elimination
34. Diseases due to Improper Care of the Skin
35. Need and Importance of Skin Hygiene
36. Influence of Sun, Air, Water, and Mud on Skin
37. Hair and Nails
38. Yoga Skin Hygiene
Chapter – V – Hygiene in General
39. Air
(a) Climate
(b) Housing
(c) Clothing
(d) Out-of-door Living
(e) Breathing
40. Food
(a) Quality of Food
(b) Quantity of Food
41. Water
(a) Internal Uses of Water
(b) External Uses of Water
42. Activity
(a) Work
(b) Rest
43. Time
44. Conclusion