Facts About Yoga

Facts About Yoga

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 209
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185053006


In this collection of essays Shri Yogendra explains that the origin of Yoga dates from time immemorial and lies in man’s universal urge for self –mastery. Throughout history Yoga has remained an inextricable part of Indian culture as an intergral system of elevating man from the ignoble and thence to the highest consciousness.

Nowadays there is a tendency to dismember Yoga and promote bits and pieces of it in isolation as instant remedies without any reference of the traditional whole.

Spelling out the dangers in this trend, Shri Yogendra insists that classical Yoga with its spiritual moorings is eminently relevant even today.



1. Yoga Universal
2. Archaic Yoga
3. Yoga – Conceptual and Perceptual
4. Ashramas VS. Universities
5. What is Yoga?
6. The Classic Yoga
7. Yoga in the Gita
8. Schools of Yoga
9. Dismembering Classic Yoga
10. Role of Yoga
11. The Changing image of Yoga
12. Rise and Fall of Yoga Standards
13. Future of Yoga
14. Why Yoga ?
15. External Yoga
16. Intrinsic Yoga
17. Purity of Citta
18. Controlling the Mind
19. Disciplinary Yoga
20. Ethical Norms of Yoga
21. Unwarranted Allergy to Yoga Ethics
22. Compromise with Evil
23. Yogacara
24. Problems in the Application of Yoga
25. As A Way of Life
26. Objective Evaluation of Yoga
27. Suffering the Misdeeds
28. What Ails Humanity
29. Yoga and Miracles
30. Yoga in Modern Life
31. Yoga and Attitudes
32. Negative Methods of Emotional
33. Control
34. About Prana
35. Bohemian Meditation
36. Is Yoga Healing or Therapy?
37. Selecting the Yoga Teacher
38. The Study of Yoga
39. The Problem of Cultural Synthesis
40. Whither Humanity?
41. Living by Untruth
42. Yoga Education in Society
43. What is Higher Education?
44. Age and Yoga Study
45. Yoga Literature
46. Yoga Demonstrations
47. Yoga At the Crossroads