Thoughts on the Gita

Thoughts on the Gita

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Author: Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185053499


The Gita is one of the greatest writings of the world. It is a treasure house of spiritual truths. It helps one to see the world as a training ground- "Karma-Bhoomi". The advice offered has helped many to face up to the challenges of life and come out a better human. This is a book you will always cherish.

There is a real need for people practising Yoga. Or other systems of self-development to continuously be reminded of the more worthwhile objectives in life, related to self-knowledge, spiritual awareness etc. our mind needs to be filled with spiritual thoughts as often as possible. We are continuously getting exposed to material thinking related to "me" and "mine" to the acquisition of objects and to preserving objects acquired, and the sadness at losing them.

It is the sense that reading from traditional literature, religious scriptures, philosophical thoughts etc. could be helpful. We have to expose ourselves to more worthwhile and long lasting thoughts. They help us in facing up to the irritants that come on our path all the time. It is a good reminder to one who strays away from the spiritual path in the direction of materialistic thinking.
--- Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra


Need to surrender
Continuity in the universe
Who am I not
Who am I
What the eyes cannot see
Purusa and Prakrti
Who is the doer
Eternal and unborn
The anchor
Overcome fear of death
Spirituality reality
Whole and part
Beyond the sense
Divine scheme
Why grieve about the unknown
A matter of trust
Let's not deceive ourselves
Duty first
Choices and consequences
Dharma Yuddha
Surrender to the Guru
A balanced state of mind
Public opinion
Do or die
Pleasure and pain
Discriminative knowledge
Right action
A tranquil mind
Heaven and hell
Tunnel view
Many thoughts
Constant awareness
Experience it
Action without desire
Yoga is excellence in work
Work with the right attitude
Tear the curtain
Experience tranquility
Sthitaprajna as a role model
Citta vrtti nirodha
Snapping the contact
The importance of permanent balance
Don't underestimate the power of the senses
Control the I sense
Beware of subtle bonds
Nature's control mechanism
Act with self-control
Discipline is the essence
Main culprit, the mind
A whole way of life
Day and night
Outside influences
How selfishness hinders
The larger arrangement
Duty and harmony
Involvement and awareness
The process of life
The strength of desirelessness
The necessity of work
Good leadership
Be on the move
God and action
The power of selfless action
Mine and not mine
Seeing good in others
Wheels within wheels
The basic changefulness
Emotions and tendencies
The conviction
Egolessness and belief
The foolish egotist
Make vigilance your second nature
Senses and sensations
Decision on one's duty
The strength of our desires
Desire of ignorance
The blindness of ignorance
Desire my destroy
The deception of desires
Directing one's desire
Absolute consciousness