Why Yoga  - A Yogic thesis to a life well - Lived

Why Yoga - A Yogic thesis to a life well - Lived

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185053030


Beginning with “Bane of Permissive Society” – where exceptions become the rule and the rules remain as mere exceptions, Shri yogendra speaks of the modern sick society and ignorance about oneself and one’s motives.

The sense of duty is lacking he feels, because of a partial understanding of man. We depend for our knowledge on limited perceptions.

Unfortunately the practitioner of Yoga is like the modern materialist given to show, to competition and acquisition of material wealth.

As against this, he puts forward the Yogic thesis of Self discipline, concentration and selflessness.


1. Idealism and Realism
2. The Bane of Permissive Society
3. The Sick Society
4. Know Thyself Through the Motives
5. Trifling with Motives
6. Sense of Duty
7. Moral Activism
8. Aggressive Living
9. Yoga – The Science of man
10. Knowledge of Reality
11. Scientist, Academician and Yogin
12. Evaluating the Yogin
13. Competitive Yoga
14. The Aberrant Gurus
15. Compromising Yoga
16. Danger Ahead
17. Confusion about Yoga Education
18. Syndicated Spirituality
19. Promotion of Yoga
20. Search and Research in Yoga
21. Recognition of Yoga in Perspective
22. Yoga Undistorted
23. Yoga – Reality of the Situation
24. The Symbolic Language of Yoga
25. Interdependence of the Sexes in Yoga
26. Relationships of the Sexes
27. Problem of Cultural Synthesis
28. Non-Religious Spirituality
29. Socio-Cultural Implications of Yoga
30. The Reasons Why