Yoga Asanas Simplified  - Profusely Illustrated

Yoga Asanas Simplified - Profusely Illustrated

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 173
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185053087


For a long time now graded lessons on Yoga as Taught from 1918 onwards, at a the famous Yoga institute of Santa Cruz are being published in pocket editions. The series is intended to guide the layman to study Yoga in absence of a teacher.

This book supplies an ideal course of yoga education for daily practice. Written by Yogendra who put Yoga on the map of modern science, the book presents a balanced course of simple Yoga postures, which are both traditional and scientific.

With the addition of two innovations (i) of rhythmic breathing during exercise and (ii) of dynamic variations of difficult yoga postures the book becomes all the more useful even to the sick.


These postures have been worked out for decades at the Yoga institute in India and America under medical supervision

- The Hindu

The record of the Yoga Institute is of a character that is outstanding because the scientific work it has accomplished had not been attempted before.

- Illustrated Weekly of India


Preface 7
List of illustrations 13
CHAPTER 1 A brief perspective of Yoga 17-30
CHAPTER 2 Physical Education in Yoga 33-53
CHAPTER 3 Rationale of Yoga Exercise 64-99
CHAPTER 4 Preliminaries to Asana-Pranayama 106-122
CHAPTER 5 Daily Yoga Exercise 124-155
CHAPTER 6 Physical Education for the Future