Knowing Sant Kabir  -  Life and Teachings

Knowing Sant Kabir - Life and Teachings

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Author: Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2009
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-1055-9


Kabir is definitely one among the sages, saints, poets, writers and thinkers who have shaped, molded and refined the inner self and influenced the life of both the Hindus and Muslims.

With the clarity in vision, simple and balanced philosophy, practical ideas for a healthy, happy and pleasant life, strong opposition to everything unworthy for human beings Sant Kabir became a legend and a common familiar name for poor and rich, literate and illiterate, and foolish, wise or enlightened during his life-time. The life of Kabir is both worldly and spiritual. He saw, felt, experienced, conjured up and boldly expressed all that happened around him.

He meditated on the eternal truth, devoted himself to the Brahman, got revelation, collected these spiritual experiences and expressed all that happened in the divine world of his inner self. Kabir is treated as a Mystic of the highest order; a perfect living saint, as a great preceptor capable of initiating others to spiritual world.

Without any doubt he is the greatest and most outstanding devotee, mystic poet and singer sant of India. Knowing Sant Kabir presents everything that Kabir is known for Dohe, Sakhi and Ulatvani; his social consciousness and spiritual awakening and his positive ways and Sahaja Yoga.



1. The Illiterate to Kabir
2. The Life of Kabir
3. Leaves from the Life of Kabir
4. The Physical and Spiritual Self in Kabir
5. Kabir as a Social Thinker
6. The Philosophy of Kabir
7. Paradoxical Expressions in Kabir
8. Doha (Couplets) by Kabir
9. Inconclusive Kabir
10. Sant Kabir: An Assessment