Famous Panchatantra Tales - 10 Animated Stories in English & Hindi  (DVD)

Famous Panchatantra Tales - 10 Animated Stories in English & Hindi (DVD)

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Author: Appu
Publisher: Media Fusion
Year: 2010
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788183007924


For over two thousand years, the Panchatantra tales have helped young children gain a better understanding of the ways of the world. These ancient Sanskrit and Buddhist animal fables are full of wit and practical wisdom. This collection brings to you more popular tales from the Panchatantra. It is indeed a treat for readers of all ages, from all over the world!
Entertainingly narrated in both English and Hindi, this bilingual CD encourages language development in childhood, and also makes the experience of listening to stories more enjoyable for your child by offering popular stories in a familiar language.

Dynamic Language Switching Option:

For the first time in india, we have included two languages in one DVD. The user can change the voice from English to Hindi and vice versa by pressing on the Audio/Language button on the DVD player remote control.

Includes 10 stories:

* A Tale of Three Fish
* Never Trust a Stranger
* The Blue Jackal
* The Boy Who Was a Snake
* The Kind Thief
* The Loyal Mongoose
* The Mice that Ate Iron
* The Mouse Maid
* The Wise Old Bird
* There is Strength in Numbers