Shiva Puran - The Creation of Lord Shiva Himself

Shiva Puran - The Creation of Lord Shiva Himself

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Author: Mahendra Mittal
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): IGEN B.
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 285
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788131008256


From the Book:
The Puran itself is the creation of Lord Shiva himself, the mystical wisdom crafted in words, moulded into one hundred thousand couplets or quartets (Shokas), divided intro twelve chapters (Samhitas); and first revealed in grace to the creator, Lord Brahma who relayed it to his favoured son, Narada. Then, it was relayed on in succession to Sanat Kumara and Ved Vyasa. The latter condensed the massive volume into 24,000 shlokas categorized under seven
chapters namely:

Vidyeshwara Samhita, Rudra Samhita,
Shatarudra Samhita, Kotirudra Samhita, Uma
Samhita, Kailasha Samhita and Vayuviya Samhita.

The enlightenment with the mysticism of Shiva – Jnan was truly possible only for Sage Ved Vyasa, a literati of the sacred texts as he was. He could abridge the original text of Shiva Puran to make it Sharp and focused with distilled mysticism.

By the grace of Shiva, the inspiration behind his endeavour was to remove the diluting impression a voluminous text carried, out of compassion to all and to impart the enlightenment to others in digest form.

A man of great literary talent he was. Later he visualized the entire epic of Mahabharata in his mind. Upon the suggestion of Brahma Ved Vyasa dictated Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha who penned in down non-stop.

Learned Ved Vyasa, then imparted the knowledge of Shiva Puran to other scholarly sages like Soota and Shuka. Sage Soota revealed the mysticism and glory of Shiva Puran to other holymen through a discourse. Soota was the son of Romaharshana and a favoured disciple of learned Ved Vyasa.


1. Panchakshari Strotam Pentasyllable Ode to Shiva (Na – Ma – Shi – Va – Ya) – Reward of the Ode
2. The Glory of Shiva Puran – Revelations by Soota
3. Devaraja’s Tale
4. Chenchula’s Tale – Chenchula Redeems Binduga Too
5. Vidyeshwara Samhita – Interaction Between Brahma and the Sage Group
6. Vyasa Learns Shivaism from Sanatakumara
1. Origin of Shivalingam
2. Shiva Materialises – Honesty Honoured and Falsehood Flayed
3. Pandanus Punished
4. Importance of Lingam Worship Glory of Shivaratri
5. Penta – Acts of Shiva
6. Shivalingam: Installation – Worship Rites
7. Expansive Aspect of Lingam
8. Domains of Shiva
9. Benefaction and Sins
10. Righteous Conduct
11. Yajnas – Types
12. Idol – Worship
13. Bindu – Naad Mystery (Dot-Hum Secret)
14. The Power of Pentasyllable and Pranava (OM)
15. Bondage and Deliverance
16. Classified Lingams
17. Numbers of worship
18. The Legend of Bael (Bilva)
19. Greatness of Sacred Ash (Bhasma)
20. Rusraksha – Its Glory

7. Rudra Samhita
21. Ego Blown Narada
22. Vishnu Enchants Narada
23. Vishnu Accursed
24. Narada Gains Knowledge of the Mysticism of Shiva
25. Vishnu – Brahma Clash and Pillar Luminosity
26. Enlightenment of Brahma and Vishnu
27. Time Frames for Trinity
28. Shiva Worship – Guidelines
29. Cosmic Creation
30. Manifests Rudra
31. Creation – Characters
32. Gunanidhi Tale
33. Sandhya and Kama
34. Penance of Sandhya
35. The Holy tale of Sati
36. Grudge of Daksha Against Shiva
37. Kshuva and Dadheechi Tale
38. Shiva in Mourning
39. Vajaranga – Taraka Story
40. Arrival of Parvati
41. Pining Shiva
42. Saptarishi (Seven Seer Group) Intervene
43. Example of Aranya
44. Divine Couple at Kailasha
45. Search for Kartikeya
46. Taraka Slayed
47. Creation of Ganesha
48. Parvati’s Creation Becomes Ganesha
49. Estrangement of Kartikeya
50. Three Demons – Three Abodes (Tripura)
51. Jullundhar’s Tale
52. Narada Manipulates Jullundhar
53. Shankhachoora’s Tale
54. Tale of Andhakasura
55. Tale of Usha – Aniruddha
56. Tale of Gajasura, Dundubhi and Vidalotapala

8. Shatarudra Samhita
1. Five Kalpa Incarnations of Shiva
2. Eight Images of Shiva
3. Ardhanareeshwara From
4. Rishabhadeva Incarnation
5. Nandishwara Tale
6. Bhairava Tale
7. Tale of Narsimha – Sharabha
8. Horrifying Wrath
9. Sharabha Act
10. Grihapati Incarnation Tale
11. Yaksha Incarnation Tale
12. Shiva Dashavataram (Tem Incarnations)
13. Eleven Rudra – Mudras – (11 Manifestations of Rudra)
14. Durvasa Tale
15. Tale of Hanumana Incarnation
16. Mahesha – Sharada Incarnation
17. Tauras Incarnation
18. Pippalada Incarnation
19. Veshyanadha Incarnation
20. Incarnation Dwijeshwara
21. Yatinadh – Hansa Manifestations
22. Krishnadarshana Incarnation
23. Mendicant Varya Incarnation
24. Ashwatthama
25. Kiraat Incarnation
26. Twelve Jyotirlingams

9. Kotirudra Samhita
27. Lingams Regionwise
28. Atri and Anasuiya Tale
29. Nandishwara Tale
30. Tale of Rushika
31. Tale of Mahabaleshwara
32. Glory of Bhookailasha
33. Mitrasaha Tale
34. Betel Leaf Mysticism
35. Tale of Batukanath
36. Somnatha Lingam Tale
37. Tale of Batukanath
38. Somnatha Lingam Tale
39. Tale of Mahakaleshwara
40. Omkareshwara
41. Kedareshwara
42. Bhimeshwara
43. Tale of Mukteshwara Kashi
44. Gautami Ganga Trayambakeshwara Tale
45. Vaidyanatheshwara
46. Nageshwara
47. Tale of Rameshwra Lingam
48. Gushmeshwara Tale
49. Sudarshan Chakra Tale
50. Worship Sublime
51. Tale of Hunter Druha
52. Mysticism of Shiva

10. Uma Samhita
53. Krishna – Upamanyu Dialogue
54. Krishna Earns Grace of Shiva
55. Benefactoring Glory of Shiva
56. Sins – Primary, Secondary and Collaterals
57. Credit Worthiness of Benefaction
58. Natural Acts of Charity Providing Food
59. Giving Water
60. Creature in Womb Birth and Disenchantment
61. Impurities of Body – Childhood Woes
62. Mysticism of Death
63. Mystic of Shadow – Man
64. The Time Gap between two Manus (Manavantaras)
65. Vivasvata Manavantara Tale
66. Line of Savarni Manus
67. Shraddha Tradition
68. Mystic of Shraddha
69. Tale of Seven Hunter Sons
70. Sage Parashara and Satyavati Tale
71. Vyasa Arrives
72. Evolution into Vyasa
73. Tale of Shooka Kaurava – Pandava Connection
74. Origin of Creation
75. Kashyapa Bloodline
76. Glory of Eternal Uma

11. The Maniest Force Eternal As Mahamaya Yogmaya, Mahalaxmi, Gauri Durga and Uma Manifest
77. Madhu – Kaitabha and Mahakali
78. Mahalaxmi incarnation of Uma
79. Gauri (Kaushiki) Tale
80. Tale of Uma
81. Shatakshi Durga Tale
82. Worship of Ma Uma
83. Regimes and Creditworthy Deeds

12. Kailasha Samhita
84. Mysticism of Pranava
85. Pranava System
86. Conduct of Pranava Pupil
87. Names of Shiva and Om
88. Shiva Sahasranama
89. Shave and Ablution Regime
90. Worship of Guru

13. Vayavitya Samhita
91. Shiva Tattwa (Element)
92. Time Mysticism
93. Time Scales
94. The Creation
95. Tale of Divine Mischief
96. Gauri and Somanandi Tale
97. Yoga and Shiva Mantras
98. Upamanyu Tale
99. Yajna Concludes

14. Shri Shiv Shalisa
15. Shiv Stuti
16. Shree Shivashrak
17. Shri Rudrashatak
18. Aarati