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Author: Amrita Kumar
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 261
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978817236748


When Gudda marries a Hindu, her mother Beatrice, a Christian missionary, disinherits her and wills her house to Gudda's sisters.

Shortly after, a new government comes to power in New Delhi and Christians are brutally attacked all over India. Gudda, her marriage crumbling by then and with nowhere to go, returns to take care of her mother.

Even as mother and daughter find ways to communicate after years of silence, Gudda's sisters accuse her of trying to usurp the family property. In the midst of chaos Gudda embarks on a journey to the Rajasthan desert, to retrace the route of an ancient warrior race in whose past her own origins lie.

A darkly humorous and provocative work of fiction that explores the fragile nature of secularism.

At a time when dilemmas of religious and cultural identity are becoming the heart of conversations all over the world, Damage is a searing comment on what matters to the individual in the end, and what doesn’t.


1. The House by the Nala
2. The Life and Death of Douglas Bharti
3. Spring Quintet in G Minor
4. Hai Ram
5. Return of the Prodigal
6. Murder in the Fourth Degree
7. Such a Long Summer
8. Dead Women Walking
9. The First Journey
10. Where Have All the Cushions Gone?
11. A Wedding and Four Funerals
12. The Second Journey
13. The Convent of Hermaphrodites
14. When a Man Is Gone
15. Women on the Moon
16. The Third Journey
17. Who’s She Vylit?