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Author: Hew Mcleod
Publisher: Yoda Press
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 380
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190666879


There are about sixteen million Sikhs in the world today, and this stimulating and informative introduction to their history, doctrines, customs, and society includes extensive translations from their sacred texts. At the heart of their religion are the ten Gurus, who transferred authority from individual leaders to the scriptures and the community itself.

Sikhism explores how their distinctive beliefs emerged from the Hindu background of the times, how a number of separate sects split off, and how far the ideals of sexual equality have been observed in practice. The result is a vivid and richly textured overview of one of the world's great religions.


McLeod has done more for Sikh history than anyone now alive. In fact, if there is a Father of Sikh History, it is Hew Mcleod.’
--- Rukun Advani, The Hindu

‘It is because of a few writers, and Hew McLeod above all, that the world has any inkling of Sikhism as an independent religion, with a unique, universal and timeless world view. He brought Sikhism to Western academia.’
--- Jaideep Sarin, Thaindian News

‘Hew was renowned for his openness and his readiness to answer any question and to read any manuscript. This generosity, together with his precocious embrace of email, placed him at the centre of an international scholarly community.’
--- Tony Ballantyne, The Guardian


List of Text Figures
Foreword by Norman G. Barrrier
Part One: History
Part Two: Religion
Part Three: Society
Appendix: Translation of the Scriptures
Notes and References
Reference Citations
Bibliographic Note