Some Aspects of Islamic Studies

Some Aspects of Islamic Studies

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Author: Dr. Afroz Ahmad Bisati
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174356376


The present work deals with some important aspects of Islamic Studies like Human Rights, Human Values, Islamic Concept of Knowledge, Economic Teachings and Status of Women in Islam. The issues have been discussed keeping in view the contemporary discourse on them, therefore are of great relevance for the scholars of Islamic Studies.

Islamic Studies is a multidimensional discipline encompassing in itself a vast range of subjects like history, Islamic social science, Islamic religions science, Sufism comparative religions, thinkers, movements and philosophy. It has close relationship with other social science like Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, and Psychology. Therefore to write on a number of issues in a single assignment in impossible. As such in the present work the author has chosen some important subjects of contemporary relevance as the very title of the book Some Aspects of Islamic Studies itself suggests. The subjects discussed herein are relevant to the scholars of Islamic studies of all levels.

The author as a departure from the tradition has tried to maintain gender neutrality. It is an attempt of its first kind. How far the author succeeded in this endeavor is for the readers to judge.



1. Teachings of Islam
2. Islamic Character
3. Human Values in Islam
4. Status of Women
5. Introduction to the Qur’An
6. Islamic concept of knowledge
7. Economic teachings of the Qur’an
8. Introduction to Hadith
9. Introduction to Fiqh