The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook

The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook

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Author: Deepa Suhas Awchat
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Deepa Suhas Awchat
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 129
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788179914823


Your search for the definitive book on vegetarian and non-vegetarian Goan cuisine ends with The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook.

Simple recipes which are easy to follow are its hallmark – making it the ideal purchase or gift for the novice or expert. The recipes are tried and tested and authentic. They are, after all, the same recipes used in ‘Goa Portuguesa’ – the renowned restobar that completes 20 years of its gastronomic journey on December 3, 2008, winning a stream of global accolades, awards and excellent reviews enroute.

There is, expectedly, an abundance of seafood recipes for which the restaurant is justifiably famous. You will be delighted to find all of Goa’s sought-after dishes in this book – Stuffed Crab, Goenche Wagh (Stuffed Jumbo Prawns), Stuffed Lobster, Fried Bombay Duck and of course Fish Curry -Rice, which alone is believed to be responsible for the ‘sossegado’ attitude of Goans!

Vindalho, Cafreal, Sorpotel, Caldinho, Assado, Baffado, Guisado and Bebinca among other delights, represent the Portuguese contribution to the rich culinary heritage of the Land of the Gods. However, the traditional cuisine of Goa has been equally celebrated with the inclusion of a number of vegetarian dishes such as Bhaji, Shaak, Udithmethi, Khatkhatem, Sasav, Tondaks, Ross, Hooman, Manganem and the signature dish of the restaurant - Tender Coconut Cashew Sukke. And of course, there is that quintessential Goan dish - Chicken Shagoti to be mopped up with Pole or Wadde.

Years of research and dedication to Goan and Portuguese cuisine are reflected in this book which will be evident from the first recipe you try. Welcome to a truly Goan experience – Enjoy!


The New York Times

‘‘This splendid Goan restaurant … made a delicious and diverting farewell to the city. We each had two magnificent tiger prawns, rubbed in spices, grilled and beautifully moist. The three sauces presented with them … seemed like gilding the lily. But Cashew Coconut Suke … was outstanding. This was a restaurant to return to again and again … to savor its layers of flavor.’’
--- Maureen B. Fant

The Washington Post

‘‘…legendary Goa Portuguesa is a charming … restaurant. We relished the deceivingly spicy six-inch fiery red tiger prawns crammed with divine Goan spices. Afterward, we savored a delicate fish caldine curry and a vibrant clam masala. A definite return – to place.’’
-- Manica Bhide

The Times of India

‘‘Along came … a Goan restaurant at Mahim which flew the flag proud and high. Goa Portuguesa refused to pay lip service to foolish foreign notions about Goan cuisine … On offer is a rich and fertile appreciation of the three main well – springs of Goa cuisine – Hindu, Christian and Portuguese – pure in some dishes, triumphantly cross – fertilised in others.’’
-- Frank Simoes


1. Welcome Drinks
2. Soups
3. Starters
4. Main Course
5. Rice & Breads
6. Side Dishes
7. Desserts
8. Ingredients