The Preliminary Practices of Tibetan Buddhism

The Preliminary Practices of Tibetan Buddhism

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Author: Geshe Rabten
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Gonsar Tulku/George Driessens
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 76
ISBN/UPC (if available):


Besides their authentic Tibetan Buddhist flavour, these oral teachings on the preliminary practices serve as an excellent introduction to the essential philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism now gaining strong scientific and scholarly interest and attention in many cuntries of the world.

From the Book:

‘‘You may wonder whether the Buddha through his infinite compassion can assist in the elimination of the unskilful karma of a certain being. All beings have accumulated innumerable unskilful deeds which will inevitably result in suffering and misery. Out of compassion the Buddha has shown how karma may be destroyed and thereby eliminate suffering. Hawever, it is entirely up to the individual whether or not this is to be achieved.

A doctor may have great sympathy for a patient and give him the best treatment, but it is up to the patient to follow the prescribed cure. Samsara would have ended long ago if the Buddha’s mercy alone could liberate all beings. His compassion even surpasses the powerful love of self. It is like the sun shining equally on all things. Yet if a pot is upside down how can the sunlight enter it?’’


Publisher’s Note
I. The Ordinary Preliminaries

A. The Perfect Human Rebirth
1. Recognition of the Perfect Human Rebirth
2. Contemplation on the Great Value of a Perfect Human Rebirth
3. Contemplation on the Scarcity of the Perfect Human Rebirth
B. Impermanence and Death
1. Contemplation on the Certainty of Death
2. Contemplation on the Uncertainty of Time of Death
3. The Realisation that at the Time of Death Dharma is the only help
C. The Low of Karma
1. Divisions of Samsaric Karma
2. Aspects of Karma
3. Division of Karma in to Throwing and Accomplishing Karma
4. Characteristics of Karma
5. Three Ways to Understand Phenomena
D. The Misery of Samsara
1. The Six Realms
2. Three Kinds of Misery

II. The Extraordinary Preliminaries

B. Taking Refuge and Generating Bodhichitta
1. Taking Refuge
2. Bodhichitta
3. The Training of the Mind
C. Prostration
D. Vajrasattva Sadhana
E. Mandala
F. Guru Yoga