Akha's Sestets

Akha's Sestets

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Author: Akha's
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Krisnaditya
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126026661


Akha’s explications are precise but not parochial. Akha’s language is often condensed but never dense. He does not engage in long-winded discourses, but like a field commander engaged in a battle to awaken the human soul he transmits curt, nearly telegraphic, messages. With his urgency and brevity, this artisan-artist speaks in an almost modern voice.

On the path of a spiritual quest Akha’s poems provide a map, a shelter, and an affirmation of immediate knowledge. Once the transitory discomfort of being awakened has passed, one realizes the enormous compassion with which Akha’ shares with us his recognition of the Supreme Being as well as the unity of us all.


1. Disciple Section
2. Touch-taboo Section
3. Teacher Section
4. Innate Section
5. Poet Section
6. Dispassion Section
7. One’s own-from Section
8. Defect Section
9. Maya Section
10. Forgiveness Section
11. Pilgrimage-place Section
12. Beyond-all Section
13. Awareness Section
14. Grace Section
15. Patience Section
16. Insight Section
17. Great Aim Section
18. Universal-from Section
19. Innate-nature Section
20. Subterfuge Section
21. Knower Section
22. Individual---Lord Section
23. Diligence Section
24. Devotion Section
25. Faultlessness Section
26. Stickler Section
27. Achievement Section
28. Speech Section
29. Conviction Section
30. Deceitful Knower Section
31. Lifeless Devotion Section
32. Attribute-bound Devotion Section
33. Hypocritical Devotion Section
34. Self-oriented Section
35. Knowledge-burnt Section
36. Bewilderment Section
37. Thought Section
38. Costume-thoughts Section
39. Individual self Section
40. Sant Section
41. Ten Types of Knower Section
42. Ved Section
43. Ignorance Section
44. Dispassion Section
45. Miscellaneous Section

46. Guide to Pronunciation

47. Bibliography