Lepcha Folklore and Folk Songs

Lepcha Folklore and Folk Songs

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Author: Lyangsongs Tamsang
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Lyangsongs Tamsang
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 138
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126026036


The Lepchas, an indigenous race of the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, Sikkim and the Illam Himalayas are basically nature lover and divided into four groups. However linguistically and culturally they remain as one.

There is no history of Lepcha migration. The Lepcha are the indigenous, primeval race of the Mayel Lyang. They have a very rich tradition of folklore. To a Lepcha folklore is not only a means of entertainment but also an education.

Lepcha myths connected with the origin of the Lepcha and their country, Mayel Lyang; the origin of the first Lepcha couple, Fadongthing and Nuzaongnyoo; the origin of Lepcha clan; the Lepcha marriage; ‘Chi’, the Lepchas’ traditional fermented beer etc. come under this category. The Lepchas’ songs dances and music reflect the old ways of Lepcha life their tradition, culture, ancient religion, customs manners characters, civilization; their joy, sorrow and surrounding environments.

Lyangsongs Tamsang (b. 1946), compiler, translator and editor of the title is the President of Indigenous Lepcha tribal Association. He is the editor of the magazines Achuley , King Gaeboo Achyok and A collection of Tales about the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, Published from Darjeeling, West Bengal.


1. Lepchas, the Children of Mount Kanchanjunga (A Lepcha myth about their origin)
2. Origin of ‘Chi’
3. Origin of Lepcha Clans
4. Origin of Lepcha Marriage
5. The Lepcha Earthen Tower
6. ‘Naraok Rum’, God of Lepcha Music
7. Nye Mayel Kyong, a Paradise on Earth
8. Tendong Hlo Run Fat and its Significance
9. The Two Suns

II-Lepcha Folk Tales

1. Athing K P Tamsang’ a profile
2. The Story of the Nambong-Pano-Ong-Fo (Rocket-tailed Drongo) and the Rat
3. The Story of Two Brothers
4. The Wild Boar and the Tiger
5. The Sambar and the Monkey
6. The Monkey and the Stork
7. The Stork of an Orphan Boy
8. The Goose and the Fox
9. The Frog and the Rain
10. The Tiger and the Toad
11. Apyong and the Dog
12. Tasheything and Mon-Chu-Mot
13. The Value of a Brother
14. The Tiger in Bad Company
15. The Quarrel between Mountains, Thunder Rain and Floods
16. The Story of Kathak Fo and Sung Kyen Pa Lang Fo
17. The Story of Aetok Koong (Rhododendron) and Daong Shying Koong (Abies Webbiana Lindl)
18. The Story of Jyamphi Moong, a Yeti
19. Pago Rip – The gift of God to the Lepchas
20. The Story of ‘Lanyen – Laphu’, Cicada

III – Lepcha Classical Folk Songs

1. Aprya Vom (Lepcha Classical Folk Songs)
2. Achuley ………!
3. Hail to the Himalayas
4. Tungbaong Fat Khalen Apraya Vom
5. Tungbaong Fat – Cleansing Ceremony of a Child
6. Bri Munlaom Aprya Vom
7. Blessings to a Bride
8. Nam Al Aprya Vom
9. Lepcha New Year Song
10. Takna Lyang
11. My Beautiful Takna Land
12. Amak Aprya Vom
13. Song of Death

IV Old Lepcha Folk Songs

1. Lapon Sonam Tshering Lepcha, a profile
2. Mao-Mae Vom
3. Farewell to the Himalayas
4. Fyen Alaok
5. War Dance Song
6. Too na lee wang go fat det myaong Rong Kup?
7. Who Says the Lepchas are Vanishing?
8. Ms Hildamit Lepcha, a profile
9. Rangnyoo Rangeet
10. Teesta and Rangeet
11. Kunchoong Pat Tachat
12. Time to Sow Maize
13. Soom Soryaot Vom
14. Summer Song
15. Pasang Tshering Lepcha, a profile
16. Lenchhyo Ashyaot
17. Love Lament

V – Lepcha Folk Songs

1. Norbu Tshering Lepcha, a profile
2. Varto – amoo Rum go ma boo gum
3. Mother Nature, I’m your worshipper
4. Amoo Kasa sa
5. My Mother
6. Ka sa Sakchin
7. Salvation
8. Sam Phyet athen
9. Half – hearted Smile
10. Amoo Ring rem phyaok lao cha ka
11. Salute to Mother Tongue
12. Dorjee Tshering Lepcha, a profile
13. Pano Gaeboo Achyok
14. To Gaeboo Achyok, the last Lepcha King of Damsang
15. Mayelmit
16. Mayelmit, a hidden eternal Lepcha iady

VI – Lepcha Rhymes

1. Ashyaok Chhakdaong
2. Explanation Rhyme
3. Ajyaom Chhakdaong
4. Simple Rhymes
5. Adyool sat Chhakdaong
6. Lepcha Testing Rhymes

VII – Lepcha Proverds

1. References