Tipu Sultan  - The Tiger of Mysore

Tipu Sultan - The Tiger of Mysore

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Author: Samuel Strandberg
Publisher: Variety
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9163073331


This book was originally written in the Swedish language for a Swedish public. The history of India is not well known among Swedes. One many have heard of the Moguls and know that the British dominated India for a long time. Gandhi and Nehru are also well known characters.

But sometimes Swedish people may wonder how the English managed to subdue India without big military campaigns and with a limited number of troops. Were there no India states that tried to defend themselves? If so, why did they not succeed?

This book deals with the only Indian prince who offered staunch resistance and by doing so caused the English both fright and wrath. His name was Tipu Sultan and he ruled in Mysore in south India during a few decades at the end of the 1700s when the revolution broke out in France.

Tipu Sultan was not only an outstanding military commander; he was also much ahead of his time with attempts of social reforms that would come about in other countries more than one hundred years later. But he struck his forehead bloody against the superior diplomacy and military technique of the English and finally succumbed in the struggle.


1. Why this book?
2. The south Indian Scene
3. India in the 1700’s
4. Warfare in the 1700’s
5. India and the colonial Powers
6. Tipu’s birth and childhood
7. Father and son
8. The first anglo Mysorean war 1767-69
9. War with Marata 1769-72
10. Wedding in Seringapatnam
11. Wedding Ali-the dictator in Mysore
The second anglo-Mysorean war 1780-84
12. To inherit a kingdom and a war
13. The peace of Mangalore
14. Tipu Sultan – his own foreign minister
15. Tipu – the father of the people
16. Tipu and religion
17. The third anglo mysorean war 1790-92
The First Phase
The Second Phase

18. The peace of Seringapatnam
19. Seven years of peace
20. Tipu and Napoleon
21. “Penfriends”
22. The fourth anglo-mysorean war 1799
23. The last battle
24. The funeral
25. The aftermaths
26. Conclusion
27. Appendix I-II
Wellesley’s reports
The Malartic Proclamation
28. Sources and literature