Let's Know Handicrafts of India

Let's Know Handicrafts of India

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Author: Amar Tyagi
Publisher: Star Publications
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781905863181


The story of Indian Handicrafts is related with the development of the Indian civilization since the ancient times. Handicrafts were initially simple objects, made essentially for daily use by ancient man, but the craving for artistic appeal soon resulted in the growth of numerous attractive styles and designs.

The beautiful artifacts that have surfaced from the Harrappan and Mohanjodara civilization sites reveal the creative inclinations of the people of that time. The same technique and crafts perfected over centuries continue to captivate the aesthetics of the people to this day.

Handicrafts of India are like a precious stone in the bejeweled crown of Indian culture and heritage. They come in a spellbinding variety of vivid motifs and patterns. In facet, the diverse cultures, lifestyles and traditions of this land have lent the most vibrant and exquisite designs to handicrafts over the years. Be it intricately decorated metal craft or some marvelous marble inlay work or some exquisite paintings, Indian handicrafts have carved a niche for themselves with their ethnic designs and flourishing textures. The immense magic created by the Indian hands is visible from the timeless artistry of the dazzling semi precious jewellery, exquisite furniture, colourful toys and dolls, beautiful paintings and enthralling sculptures.

This book gives a detailed description of different handicrafts items crafted in India, which lend grace and beauty to homes where they are decorated, or to the individuals wearing them.


1. Classification
2. Pottery
3. Metal Crafts
4. Woodcraft
5. Ethnic Jewellery
6. Textiles
7. Traditional Toys
8. Stone Craft
9. Leather Craft
10. Ethnic Paintings
11. Carpets/Floorings
12. Handmade paper
13. Jute Craft