Let's Know Hindu Wedding Ceremonies : A unique tradition of life time relationship between man and w

Let's Know Hindu Wedding Ceremonies : A unique tradition of life time relationship between man and w

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Author: Ramesh Chander Dogra
Urmila Dogra/
Publisher: Star Publications
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 48
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788176503877


Hindu wedding is a sacred tradition of life time marital relationship between man and woman. It is performed with the observance of several rituals and customs, which make it an elaborate affair. These ceremonies continue for several days prior to the main ceremony, know as ‘pani grahana’.

This is performed by the couple taking seven rounds of the sacred fire, know as ‘saat phere’, in the presence of a Hindu priest and amidst chanting of hymns and mantras from Hindu scriptures.


Importance of marriage
Origin of marriage
Pre-marital scene
Limitations of marriage
Age of marriage
Qualifications of the bridegroom & bride
Music in marriage ceremonies
Aim of marriage
Marriage ceremonies in various parts of India
Vivah (marriage) definition
Forms of marriage in ancient India
Some other forms of marriage
Auspicious marriage day
Marriage hymns and ceremonies
Significance of ceremonies
Ornaments and jewellery for married women
Ankur panam
Ancestral blessings and other rites
Arait, Jaimala
Worship of deities
Madhuparka (Honey and yughurt)
Kanyadan, and patnigraham
Mangala Ashtaka (Verses of blessings)
Akshataropana (Wishfulfilling)
Sutra veshtana
Vivah Homa (Marriage and vows before the sacred-fire)
Saptapadi (Seven Steps ceremony)
Agni Prarthana
Local customs in some parts of India
Mangal Ashtak
Mangala Sutra
Ashirwad (Blessings)
Doli Departure for bride
Feeding ceremony
Duties of husband and wife after marriage
Respect to elders
Significance of colours in marriage
Turmeric in Marriage
Importance of Flowers and trees (Fresh flowers, Lotus)
Importance of Tilak, Bindi